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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 691
 Should I Date Her Quiz?

Are you wondering if you should take the next step with that special someone? Look no further than our quiz, "Should I Date Her?" Answer questions about her personality, how she treats you and others, and how invested she is in your relationship. Find out if she's the one who will fulfill your life desires and how she communicates and handles conflicts. Plus, discover how she makes you feel and if she shows affection towards you. Take the quiz now and get the answers you need to make the right decision!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is her personality attractive to you?

A. Absolutely!�

B. Somewhat attractive.

C. Not really, honestly.

2. Do you always think of her?�

A. I always think of her.

B. Sometimes I do.

C. Rarely.

3. How does she treat you?

A. She treats me very nicely.

B. She is okay with me.

C. Not good.

4. Is she always invested in you (talking, texting, looking at you, activities together)?

A. Always!

B. Sometimes invested in me.

C. Not much or never. 

5. Does she seem noticeably happy around you?�

A. Yes, she is noticeably happy and smiling.

B. She has a basic mood around me.

C. Not happy.

6. Is she always physically close to you, wanting to maintain a physical touch?�

A. She is very close to me.

B. She maintains a basic distance.

C. She noticeably stays far from me.

7. Does she seem attractive to you overall?�

A. Yes, very attractive.

B. Somewhat attractive.

C. Not at all.

8. How does she communicate with you?

A. She communicates openly and frequently.

B. She communicates occasionally.

C. She rarely communicates with me.

9. How does she handle conflicts or disagreements?

A. She handles them maturely and respectfully.

B. She avoids conflicts or disagreements.

C. She handles them poorly or aggressively.

10. How does she make you feel when you're around her?

A. She makes me feel happy and comfortable.

B. She makes me feel neutral or indifferent.

C. She makes me feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

11. How does she prioritize her time with you?

A. She prioritizes spending time with me above other things.

B. She balances her time with me and other things

C. She rarely prioritizes spending time with me.

12. How does she show affection towards you?

A. She shows affection frequently and openly.

B. She shows affection occasionally

C. She rarely shows affection towards me

13. How does she treat others around her?�

A. She treats others with kindness.�

B. She has a neutral mood towards people.

C. Not with much kindness.

14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how in love are you with her?�

A. 10!

B. 7 or a 6.

C. 4 and lower.

15. Do you think she's the one that will fulfill your life desires?

A. Yes, I think she will be the one for life.

B. Somewhat fulfillment.

C. I don't think she'll fulfill my life desires.

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