Separation Quiz- Should You Divorce Your Husband?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 136
Separation Quiz- Should You Divorce Your Husband?

Questions Excerpt

1. Has your husband ever been violent with you? 

A. Never

B. Only verbally

C. Several times

D. Multiple times

2. Has your husband wounded you so much you can’t forgive him? 

A. Never

B. He has, but I can forgive

C. He has, and I am in the process of forgiving

D. Yes, I can't forgive his wrongdoing

3. What are the main negative attitudes in your relationship?�

A. Silly fights

B. Sarcasm

C. Eye rolling

D. Name calling


4. Has your husband ever had an affair? 

A. Never

B. Just flirting

C. Yes, one

D. Yes, more than one

5. Do you two have plans for the future?�

A. Yes, we know what we'll be doing in 10 years' time

B. Yes, for the next couple of years

C. Not really

D. I see no future of us together

6. What is the priority for your husband? 

A. You

B. Your family

C. His career

D. His hobbies and pleasures

7. What are usual fights about in the relationship?

A. Almost everything

B. I find him mostly unagreeable all the time

C. Some things like food and finance

D. We rarely fight

8. Does your spouse suffer from any addiction issues?

A. Yes

B. Yes, but he is getting out of it

C. No

D. Never

9. Who has the most responsibility for running the home?

A. I have it

B. I have it but he helps sometimes

C. We both share it

D. I don't take

10. Are you both loyal to each other?

A. Yes

B. Always

C. I am not

D. We both aren't

11. Have you both discussed about divorce?

A. Yes

B. I have decided it

C. Not really

D. It's out of question

12. Is couple’s therapy working for you?

A. Very well or we don't need it

B. Could be better

C. Not enough

D. Not at all

13. Do you see yourself having children with your spouse? 

A. Absolutely

B. Rather yes

C. Not really

D. Not at all

14. Are you two transparent when it comes to finances? 

A. Totally

B. Let's say he doesn't know about some of my online shopping sessions

C. I prefer to manage my finances alone

D. We constantly lie to each other when it comes to money

15. How do you feel when you are with your husband? 

A. Relaxed

B. Bored

C. Stressed

D. Upset and terrified

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