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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 125
Relationship Quizzes For Her
It is much interesting to know what she thinks about you, what triggers her, what makes her happy or mad and many other things. Have you always wondered how it was like to be"her" in the relationship? If yes, take our quiz and find out more about your lover.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times have you fallen in love with your life?

A. You've fallen in love all your life.

B. You can't remember.

C. You've rarely fallen in love.

D. Only twice.

2. What attracts you the most in a guy?

A. His muscles.

B. His facial features.

C. His personality.

D. Not much.

3. What do you like the most about relationships?

A. The fun you have together.

B. The fact that you share the same hobbies

C. The fact that you get along so well.

D. Not much.

4. How do you think a man should prove his love to you?

A. By buying you gifts.

B. By cooking for you.

C. By holding you in his arms.

D. By being more understanding.

5. Do you believe in marriage?

A. Yes.

B. Not really.

C. Yes, but only a marriage can make you richer.

D. Yes, because you are a romantic.

6. Do you believe in everlasting love?

A. Yes, of course.

B. No, love dies after a while.

C. No, because you are a very curious person who would like to meet new people after a while.

D. Yes, but only if you wear the pants in the relationship.

7. Do you think you have what it takes to make a relationship successful?

A. Of course.

B. No, because you still want to have fun.

C. Yes, because you are woman enough to do so.

D. Yes, because you are a loving person.

8. How many children do you wish to have one day?

A. Four

B. Three

C. Two

D. None

9. How old will you be when you'll get married?

A. 25, because it's the ideal age.

B. 30, because it's old enough to take such a decision.

C. 40, because you are mature enough to take care of a husband.

D. Never, you love your freedom too much.

10. What is the biggest no-no when it comes to relationships?

A. Cheating.

B. Lack of respect.

C. Lack of compromise.

D. Not sharing responsibilities.

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