Who Loves You More Than Anything Else Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 97 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 Who Loves You More Than Anything Else Quiz
Everyone needs someone to make the journey of life more cherishable. The person/people that love us the most allow us to be ourselves and not feel judged. They are not afraid to offer their criticism to you in a kind manner if they feel that it would help you. We all need people in life who will look after us when we are not able to. The person who loves you more than anything else could be a romantic partner, friend, or even a pet. Irrespective of their relationship with you, they look out for you and your well-being. If you are wondering who loves you more than anything else, then take this quiz to know.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you feel sad, who do you usually turn to?

A. Mom/ Dad

B. Friends

C. Partner

D. Pet

2. Which one of your closest people never judges you?

A. Parent(s)

B. Partner

C. Friends

D. My pet(s)

3. Which of the following days of the year is most special to you?

A. Mother’s day/ father’s day

B. Caturday

C. Friendship day

D. Valentine’s day

4. What is your happy place?

A. Childhood home

B. Friend’s place

C. At home with my partner

D. Wherever my pet is

5. What do you usually do on vacations?

A. Go or stay at home with parents

B. An outing with friends

C. Shopping with partner

D. I give more time to my pet

6. What is the most relaxing activity of your day?

A. Time spent with my pet

B. A chat with my friends

C. Watching or cooking something with my partner

D. Calling mom or dad

7. In troubled times, when you have no one around, who do you think about?

A. My best friend

B. My partner

C. My mom or dad or both

D. My pet

8. If you have a child, who do you think will be your biggest support?

A. My partner

B. Mom, dad, or both

C. My friend

D. Apart from my family, I think my dog

9. Who always returns your money or things after you lend them some?

A. Partner

B. My dog/cat loves me unconditionally, and that’s more than anyone could return

C. My mom or dad

D. My friend

10. Who do you think you are your true self around?

A. My pet

B. Mom or dad

C. Partner

D. Friends

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