Are You Prepared for Parenthood Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 75
 Are You Prepared for Parenthood Quiz?

Are you considering becoming a parent? You will need to know a lot of things, such as when it is okay to leave kids unattended, what foods are healthy for them, and when you need to take them to the emergency room. Many of these things are taught by experience, but common sense and general knowledge about child rearing are necessary before you rush to take a pregnancy test. 

The ‘Are you prepared for parenthood’ quiz will present you some questions on the best choices for your (potential) children and help you determine how prepared you are for being a good parent.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are both you and your partner in good health?

A. Yes, relatively speaking

B. Yes, I think so

C. Somewhat

D. No, Not really

2. Have you discussed the child care arrangement with your partner?

A. Yes, totally

B. Yes, somewhat

C. Kind of

D. Not really

3. Are you comfortable sacrificing your time, money and goals for your children?

A. Yes, totally

B. Yes, somewhat

C. Kind of

D. Not really

4. Does having a child seem like checking a box off a to-do list?

A. No, it is something I want to do

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

D. Yes, that is all that it is

5. Are you (and your partner) in a good place emotionally?

A. Yes, totally

B. Yes, somewhat

C. Kind of

D. Not really

6. Which of the following foods is richest in calcium?

A. Yogurt

B. Milk

C. Cheese

D. Fruit

7. When do babies start to learn speaking patterns?

A. In the womb

B. At birth

C. At 6 months

D. Between 1-2 years old

8. Why do babies wiggle around so much?

A. To explore

B. Because that's what they do anyway

C. Because they are uncomfortable

D. Because they can't control their muscles

9. What do you do if you suspect your child is suffering from poison?

A. See what kind of poison they have ingested and call emergency services

B. Make them vomit

C. Give them milk

D. Do nothing

10. When is a child ready for potty training?

A. There is no fixed time period

B. At 36 months

C. At 24 months

D. At 12 months

11. Your child is coughing after choking with an object. What should you do first of all?

A. First let him or her release the object and help if they can't handle

B. Immediately use the Heimlich maneuver

C. Give them water to drink

D. Call 911 and wait for the paramedics to come

12. Your toddler has stuck a bean up their nose. What should you do?

A. Call the pediatrician's office

B. Go to the emergency room

C. Try to remove it with tweezers

D. Do nothing, it will come out alone

13. What should you do first if your child gets a minor burn?

A. Cool the burned area with cool, clean water

B. Submerge the burned area in lukewarm water and eventually move it to cold water

C. Cool the burned area with ice

D. Apply a burn ointment

14. Which of these foods is highest in iron?

A. Liver

B. Beans

C. Eggs

D. Seafood

15. When should a baby be started on solids?

A. Six months

B. Four to six months

C. Three months

D. Twelve months

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