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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 583 | Updated: Jun 28, 2023
 Is My Husband Ready for a Baby Quiz?

Are you and your husband thinking about starting a family? It's an exciting time, but it's important to make sure you're both ready for the responsibility that comes with having a child. Take our "Is my husband ready for a baby?" quiz to find out if your partner is prepared for this next step in your relationship. With questions about support systems, finances, parenting responsibilities, and more, this quiz will help you determine if you and your husband are on the same page when it comes to starting a family. Don't wait, take the quiz now and see if you're both ready for this exciting journey!

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think your life will be like once you have a baby?

A. This change will make us a little more comfortable as a couple 

B. Everything will be different, and we'll lose our independence

C. I reckon it will be joyful, but also scary at times

2. What do you think your husband might change once you have a baby?

A. I think that my partner will do what needs to be done

B. I don't expect that my partner will change too much

C. My partner and I have different ideas about how to raise a baby. I want to be hands-on and share the responsibilities, but I don't think my partner shares that view

3. What is your main reason for thinking about starting a family? 

A. The idea of starting a family has always been so exciting for us

B. Would be the next logical step in our relationship

C. Having a baby will make my relationship with my partner better

4. Have you discussed how much responsibility you and your partner will each take for parenting?

A. Not really. It's too soon to think about that

B. We seem to have reached an impasse on that topic and can't come to a compromise

C. We have identified roles and responsibilities for the different areas of parenting where we need to collaborate 

5. Do you know anyone who may be willing to provide support for your partner and you once you have children?

A. Our families

B. We can make it on our own

C. Our friends

6. Family finances can be affected by having a child. Have you ever talked about that with your husband?

A.  We have some savings 

B. We are very candid about our financial situation and have a clear plan for how we will pay for this

C. Not really. It's too soon to think about that 

7. What are his views on having children?

A. He can't wait! He loves playing with kids

B. Huge responsibility

C. He’s a little worried

8. If things don't go according to plan, how does he react?

A. He handles it calmly

B. He's furious when something mucks up his carefully constructed plans

C. He'll grumble at first, but he'll come up with a solution

9. What does he do when he has no idea how to do something?

A. Asks for help

B. Waits for advice to be offered

C. Refuses to ask for advice

10. When you imagine your husband as a parent - are you happy with what you think he'd be like?

A. I have a few concerns about what sort of parent he might be like

B. Yes, I'm fairly certain he'd be the sort of parent I'd like him to be

C. He'd try his best to be a good parent

11. How do you plan to balance work and parenting responsibilities?

A. We will both take time off work

B. One of us will stay at home.

C. We will hire a nanny or babysitter.

12. Have you considered the impact of having a child on your social life?

A. We will still make time for our friends

B. We are prepared to make sacrifices

C. We haven't thought about it yet

13. How do you plan to handle discipline and behavior management with your child?

A. We will use positive reinforcement.

B. We will use a combination of positive and negative consequences.

C. We haven't discussed it yet.

14. Have you talked about your expectations for your child's education and extracurricular activities?

A. We want our child to have a well-rounded education.

B. We will let our child decide what they want to do.

C. We haven't discussed it yet.

15. How do you plan to handle conflicts or disagreements about parenting decisions?

A. We will compromise and find a solution together

B. One of us will have the final say

C. We haven't thought about it yet

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