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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 719 | Updated: Jun 29, 2023
 Am I Annoying Him Quiz?

Are you feeling like your partner is pulling away from you? Do you feel like you're constantly being ignored or avoided? Take our quiz "Am I Annoying Him?" to find out if your partner is truly annoyed with you or if it's just in your head. With 15 questions, you'll get a better understanding of your relationship and whether or not it's time to have a serious conversation with your partner. Don't wait any longer, take the quiz now and get the answers you've been searching for!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he change plans to hang out with his friends?

A. Yes, he has been doing that recently

B. Not at all

C. He does that sometimes

2. Do you feel lonely even when you’re together?

A. He doesn’t behave like we’re together when he’s with me

B. Sometimes, and I don’t think I understand him

C. Never

3. Is he still as affectionate as he used to be?

A. Most of the time

B. All the time

C. Not at all

4. Has he been avoiding your calls?

A. Sometimes

B. Never

C. Yes

5. Does he convey his annoyance through his body language?

A. All the time

B. No, he doesn’t

C. On occasion

6. Has he been requesting alone time?

A. He claims he needs his own space

B. Rarely

C. No, he doesn’t

7. Is he acting cold towards you?

A. On occasion

B. All the time

C. No

8. Does he ignore your messages?

A. He’s been doing that for a while nowrn

B. Sometimes

C. No, he doesn’t

9. Has he stopped making plans with you?

A. Yes, he doesn't seem interested in making plans

B. No, he still makes plans with me

C. Sometimes

10. Does he seem distracted or preoccupied when you're together?

A. Yes, he's always on his phone or seems distant.

B. No, he's fully present when we're together

C. Sometimes

11. Has he stopped showing interest in your life or what you have to say?

A. Yes, he doesn't seem to care about what I have to say

B. No, he still shows interest in my life

C. Sometimes

12. Does he seem to be avoiding physical intimacy with you?

A. Yes, he's been avoiding physical intimacy

B. No, he still initiates physical intimacy

C. Sometimes

13. Has he stopped making an effort in the relationship?

A. Yes, he's stopped putting in effort

B. No, he still makes an effort

C. Sometimes

14. Does it feel like he is withdrawing from you?

A. Yes, I think he’s tired

B. On occasion

C. No, I’ve not observed that

15. Does he tell you he’s always busy?

A. Yes, he keeps mentioning that

B. Rarely

C. Not at all

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