Platonic Or Romantic Love Quiz

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Platonic Or Romantic Love Quiz
Are you in a relationship but wondering if it is going somewhere or with the wrong person? Maybe you just moved in with your significant other but want to test the waters and see how the relationship progresses. Or you might be curious about your friends and their relationship status. Location doesn't matter in this "platonic or romantic love" quiz because love can grow anywhere!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you trying to find something that they like -hobbies, foods, girl-boy types etc.?

A. No, why do I do that?

B. Yes

C. Sometimes

2. How much do you know about them?

A. I know as much as a stalker

B. Just met them

C. I know them like a book!

3. They are crying over a breakup, what would you do?

A. I would hold them to stop them from cryingrn

B. I would cry with them

C. I would say the whole fish in the sea thing

4. If they randomly invite you to a party, what would you do?

A. Hang for a bit

B. Go have fun with them and others

C. Stay home

5. Are you in a dilemma about how they feel?

A. All the time

B. No

C. I’m not sure

6. For every moment you are close to him, describe your heartbeat:

A. Like my heart's going to fly off

B. Just normal

C. I get a little bit excited

7. Does each of your common points make you happy?

A. Somehow

B. Yes

C. No

8. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see him?

A. Yes, what a feeling!

B. I don't feel anything

C. Sometimes -P1

9. You were just on your way home and it started raining. You have an umbrella, they don't. What do you do?

A. Approach them shyly and ask if they want to share the umbrella

B. Let them hold the umbrella while I cuddle close to them as we run into the rain

C. Just yell at them to come over and share the umbrella with you

10. In a corner of your mind, is there a possibility that they will also love you?

A. I don’t know

B. Yes, definitely

C. To be honest, I don’t care

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