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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2470 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Past Life Love Quiz
Have you ever thought that you’ve already lived in the past? That you were once a glamorous person with a vivid life somewhere in the 1920s? Is it because you feel attracted to a certain era in history? Or you just don’t know why you feel this way? Have ever felt attracted to someone like Rudy Valentino even though he lived amongst us 100 years ago? Although a certain fascination about people in the past can be justified, we sometimes don’t know why we love the 1920s, times during Imperial China, or even French royalty right before the 1789 French revolution. But would you want to know more about your past love life? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite era in history?

A. The Middle ages

B. Antiquity

C. The renaissance

D. Modern times

2. What type of lover do you long for?

A. A passionate one

B. An emotional one

C. A strong one

D. You don't know

3. Which ancient civilization thrills you the most?

A. Mesopotamia

B. Greece

C. Rome

D. Ancient China

4. If you were dating an Emperor who would he be?

A. Nero

B. Alexander the Great

C. Caesar

D. Napoleon

5. If you were a queen what would your kingdom be?

A. England because of the scenery

B. France because of the food

C. Italy because of the good looking men

D. You don't know

6. Which composer is your favorite?

A. Rachmaninov

B. Beethoven

C. Debussy

D. Mozart

7. What do you most admire about ancient lovers?

A. Their dedication

B. Their singing

C. Their poetry

D. Their soft side

8. If you were an old book what would you be?

A. Romeo and Juliet

B. Hamlet

C. Snow White

D. Sleeping beauty

9. If you lived in ancient times where would you live?

A. In Greece

B. In France

C. In Scandinavia

D. In Morocco

10. What words do you like hearing the most when in love?

A. I love you

B. I care about you

C. I miss you

D. Give me a hug

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