One-Sided Marriage Quiz

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One-Sided Marriage Quiz
A one-sided marriage is one where you feel that you are “all alone in love” with your partner. They might look distant most of the time, and you might even seem like the only one trying to make things work for both of you. It’s almost as if your partner was trying to let you know that they’ve fallen out of love but didn’t know how to make you understand because they felt guilty Read more about wanting to leave you. So, are you in a one-sided relationship? Take our quiz and find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like your partner still loves you?

A. Sometimes you have your doubts

B. No

C. You hope so

D. Yes

2. Who do you feel makes the most efforts to make the relationship work?

A. You

B. Your partner

C. Both of you

D. You both gave up

3. Do you sometimes think of other people?

A. Yes, your ex

B. No

C. You do sometimes

D. Yes, but it's nothing romantic really.

4. Do you think you’ve lost interest in the relationship because your partner has possibly cheated on you?

A. Yes, exactly

B. No

C. No really

D. Maybe

5. Do you think that the fact that you’ve been taken for granted by your partner for so long has contributed to your marriage being one-sided?

A. Yes

B. It is possible

C. It is possible

D. It played a part in the beginning but anymore

6. Do you feel like your partner has ignored you for too long and that’s why your marriage is one-sided?

A. Yes

B. You are not sure

C. No

D. Not really

7. Do you think your marriage is the same as it was 2 years ago?

A. Definitely

B. Definitely not

C. Not really

D. Not at all

8. How long has it been since you started regretting being married to your spouse?

A. A few weeks now

B. A few months now

C. A few years now

D. It's been 5 years now

9. Do you and your partner still have regular conversations with one another

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. It depends on what you both want to talk about

10. Do you still love your partner?

A. Yes, very much

B. You believe so

C. No, not really

D. You've stopped loving them a long time agorn

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