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10 Questions | Updated: Oct 27, 2022
 Is Your Marriage Affair Proof Quiz?

There is no doubt that external affairs or infidelity can destroy even the strongest relationships. So, are there things you could do to prevent an affair from happening in your relationship, or is it just a matter of chance? 

If you build your relationship the right way, you can prevent an affair from finding its way into your partner’s mind and ruining your relationship. Does your marriage have what it takes to keep an affair from breaking it down? Is your marriage affair-proof? Take this and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever had an interaction with someone that ever made your spouse think it was inappropriate?

A. I haven’t had that ever

B. Maybe once

C. Yes I have

2. Would you be jealous if you were in your partners’ shoes and were putting up with some behaviors?

A. No never

B. Maybe once

C. Yes, most likely

3. Do you feel like you or your partner often focus on the negatives in your relationship more than the positive?

A. Not always but it’s mostly positive

B. It really depends on the day

C. It’s more negative than it’s positive

4. Do you plan new trips and activities to keep up the excitement?

A. Our marriage is boring because we’re too busy

B. We try exciting new things as often as we can

C. We try but it doesn’t happen as often

5. How much do you trust your partner?

A. Sometimes

B. Absolutely

C. Not really

6. How much does your partner trust you?

A. Sometimes

B. Absolutely

C. Not really

7. How lucky do you feel being with your partner?

A. Occasionally

B. Most definitely

C. Not really

8. Have you connected emotionally with another person during your current relationship?

A. No I haven’t

B. Occasionally

C. Yes I have always

9. How often do you two talk about physical and emotional connections?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Very often

10. How does your partner handle issues of jealousy?

A. We usually get into arguments

B. We talk it through until we both feel okay about it

C. Talking about it doesn’t always end well but sometimes it does

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