Is My Wife Abusive?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 51
Is My Wife Abusive?

Questions Excerpt

1. You get home from work, and your wife is already home. What does this scene look like?

A. She starts screaming at you the moment you walk in the door and calls you some bad names

B. She verbally harasses you for an hour, then gives you the cold shoulder for the rest of the night

C. She is busy doing her own thing, but greets you with a smile, and asks you how your day was

D. She has dinner ready, and the house is spotless. But she looks tired and is a bit teary

2. How does your wife feel about your hobbies- for example, going fishing?

A. She hates it so much she broke your fishing rod one time

B. She constantly calls you names whenever you head out to your hobby

C. She knows you need an outlet. Plus, she has her own hobbies. So it is fine

D. She never complains, no matter how many times you go out to do your hobby!

3. Does your wife check your phone?

A. Constantly. You argue over this alot. But if you don't let her, she gets aggressive

B. You have caught her once or twice, yeah. You let her know you weren’t happy

C. Nope. She trusts you, and you trust her

D. She would never dare ask or take a sneaky peek

4. Has your wife ever hit you?

A. Yes, it has happened more than once

B. It happened one time, but only once

C. No, never. You don’t treat each other like this!

D. No. She is too meek and mild, which is how you like it

5. Has your wife ever followed you and spied on you?

A. Yes, All the time

B. You caught her once,a lot she was super embarrassed but got defensive

C. Nah. She has a life. She is too busy for that!

D. She hardly leaves the house. She just waits at home for you no matter how late you are

6. You’re at a party. How does your wife handle your interactions with other women?

A. Don’t go there. The last time you talked to a woman at a social function, she slapped you on the cheek

B. She sulks and won't talk to you for a week, so you avoid other females

C. She is cool with it. She knows she can trust you and that you love her

D. You flirt with other women in front of her, and she doesn’t speak up, even though she looks sad

7. How do you and your wife handle money matters?

A. She holds the purse strings. You just hand over your wages

B. Generally, you are ok, but if you don’t check with her first about larger expenditures, she explodes - even if you can afford it

C. No hassles there - you have equal access and say in financial matters

D. You are running the show, and give your wife an allowance

8. Your wife did something that really hurt your feelings. How does she react when you tell her how you feel?

A. You wouldn’t dare bring it up - she would fly off the handle. Not worth it

B. She tries to put the blame on you instead

C. She acknowledges if she is wrong and apologizes, and then you move on

D. She has never hurt your feelings. She’s too meek and mild for that

9. You just got a new haircut, and it does not look good. How does your wife react?

A. She laughs and laughs and tells you that you look stupid. Then she calls all her friends to tell them

B. She sighs and tells you off for letting the barber get away with a bad haircut

C. She acknowledges if she is wrong and apologizes, and then you move on

D. She tells you that it looks amazing and that you are the most handsome man in the world. She tells you over and over until you feel better

10. Do you feel safe around your wife?

A. No, to be honest. She is really unstable

B. Not always. But it is more feeling uncomfortable than unsafe

C. Of course! She has your back in all things

D. Yup. Not sure she would say the same about you though, you have a temper

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