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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 448 | Updated: Jun 30, 2022
 Is My Mom Cheating on My Dad Quiz?

If you think your mom is cheating on your dad, then you may be dealing with a variety of emotions. We have designed this ‘is my mom cheating on my dad’ quiz to help you get through this question with some objectivity. Even if things don’t plan out the way you’ve thought, it may be important to question your doubts instead of accusing your parents based on a misunderstanding.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you noticed any tension between your parents lately?

A. No, not really

B. No, they are good at hiding their feelings

C. Yes, but they have always seemed tense

2. Does your mom seem aloof these days?

A. Yes, she does

B. No, not really

C. Kind of, but she always attends to my needs

3. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

A. Yes, I do

B. Fairly healthy

C. Moderately healthy

4. Does your mom spend time with her family as much as she used to?

A. Yes, she does

B. Not as much

C. She is out a lot

5. Does your dad seem worried lately in regards to your mom?

A. Yes, I think so

B. I don’t know

C. I can’t say

6. Are your parents fighting a lot off late?

A. Yes, they are

B. Not more than usual

C. I can’t say

7. Is your mother spending more time on her phone than usual?

A. Yes, she is

B. Not more than usual

C. I don’t know

8. Do you think your mom is ignoring your dad?

A. Yes, I think so

B. Not really

C. I guess

9. Has your father spoken about any distress he is going through lately?

A. No, but he seems worried

B. He doesn’t share his feelings

C. He seems fine to me

10. Is your dad a good secret keeper?

A. Yes, he is

B. No, he is not

C. He tries

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