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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 46
Coronavirus Quarantine Anxiety: How Well Are You Handling It?
The Novel Coronavirus is a new flu-like virus that has spread around the world and has infected millions of people worldwide already. Being under a lockdown can make you feel anxious and irritable even if you are surrounded by your loved ones or you may be handling it well, considering that you are getting a break from the everyday rush hour. Are you at peace knowing that we may not get to our normal lives anytime soon or you still need to mentally process all the uncertainties that can arise when you have to be under lockdown with limited social interaction, under such circumstances? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you sometimes feel very stressed during those difficult times?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Just a little bit

C. Sometimes

D. Not really

2. Are you scared of what the future may look like because of this virus?

A. No, you are 100% certain that things will get better for everyone

B. You don’t know but are certain that people will not interact in the same way

C. All you know is that your family is closer than ever

D. All you want is to get your life back

3. Are you with your family during these difficult times?

A. Yes, of course

B. Yes, with your children

C. No, you are on your own

D. No, because you are closer to your friends, who have their own homes

4. Do you miss your old life, while in quarantine?

A. Yes, of course

B. Yes, very much

C. Not really because ever since you’ve been confined you’ve grown closer to your children

D. Just a little bit because you don’t mind doing everything from home anyway

5. What communication tool do you use to communicate with others during these difficult times?

A. Facebook

B. Instagram

C. Zoom

D. Just your phone

6. What is your favorite food, during these difficult times

A. Pasta

B. Fried Food

C. Anything organic

D. You'll eat anything to pass time

7. What do you do as soon as you get bored during these difficult times?

A. You read because you love books

B. You eat because now you can cook more than before

C. You call a friend

D. You watch a movie

8. How many times a week do you go grocery shopping?

A. Once, because you always buy things in bulk

B. Everyday, because you miss being outside

C. Three times, because you always forget to get something

D. You go shopping once every week because you usually shop for everybody in the house

9. To you, what is your biggest essential during these difficult times?

A. Toilet paper because you spend your life in the toilet since you drink a lot of homemade margaritas

B. Bread because there’s a lot of you in the house and bread can be used in so many ways

C. Milk because your children love cereal

D. Water because you live by yourself and it usually lasts longer

10. What do you do most of the time while you self-quarantine?

A. You cook for your kids

B. You workout a lot

C. You watch the news every 30 minutes

D. Nothing particular

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