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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 18 | Updated: Apr 27, 2022
How Tolerant Are You With Your Partner Quiz

The world is dynamic, and its inhabitants are unique with differing perspectives and behaviors. When it comes to deliberating on issues bothering diverse solutions in your relationships, the ‘ how tolerant are you with your partner quiz ‘ can foretell how tolerant or intolerant you’re with your partner. 

Tolerant or intolerant people exhibit certain characteristics and preferences in a relationship that goes a long way to influence its outcome or success.

Questions Excerpt

1. When it comes to rules, what philosophy do you subscribe to?

A. Rules are actually meant to be broken

B. Rules are necessary for society and should be followed

C. Occasionally, I bend the rules, but I try to follow them

2. What’s the best way to get results in your home affairs?

A. Follow the due process thoroughly

B. There are diverse ways to achieve results, so I discuss how to go about things

C. Follow my process; everything else doesn’t matter

3. When your partner challenges your beliefs and ideals, how do you react?

A. I try to listen to them more and appreciate their suggestions

B. I will defend what I believe in regardless of their thought process

C. It depends. I may get frustrated or listen to them

4. How do you usually react during a heated discussion with your partner?

A. I argue out and get frustrated a lot, but I also take note of their grievances

B. I believe all voices must be so I listen and create a consensus

C. Talk and argue louder because I believe I’m the voice of reason and must be heard at all costs

5. When your partner is suffering, what do you do?

A. I feel for them, but I don’t go the extra mile to care for them

B. I put myself in their shoes, feel for them deeply, and put in the best effort to help

C. I think to each their own. They must own it up

6. What do you do when your partner makes a mistake?

A. I understand, but I will probably get angry about it at some point

B. Everyone makes mistakes, so I’ll be good with it

C. I get furious and frustrated about it

7. How will your partner describe you?

A. As someone who thinks life happens regardless

B. As someone who believes humans can do well with the right effort

C. As someone who sets high standards for others

8. You order breakfast from a vendor, but your partner insists you order theirs from a different place. How would you react?

A. I will oblige, but I will never stop whining

B. I order from a place that has both our need

C. I will force my partner to eat mine

9. How would you react if your parents object to marrying your current partner based on their culture?

A. I will suggest my partner change their culture

B. I will have a candid discussion with my partner

C. I will cancel the wedding and breakup

10. Your partner decides to fellowship at a different church. How would you react?

A. They’ll have to fellowship at mine once in a while

B. It’s the same God, so I’m okay with that

C. My partner would have to quit theirs and join mine

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