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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 22
 How Do You Show Affection Quiz?

Humans are expressive beings. We are made to express how we feel. So,  we  express different emotions differently, we express different emotions based on how we are feeling. The way we act when we feel happy, sad, angry or jealous differs. 

We also show love, desire and affection differently. How do you show affection? Let's take this How Do You Show Affection Quiz as we find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How are you likely to show gratitude?

A. By helping the person out whenever your help is needed

B. By hugging the person

C. By presenting a gift to the person

2. How will you lighten the mood of your partner in a sad mood?

A. Ask the person if there is anything you can do to lighten the mood of the person

B. Give the person a warm hug

C. Surprise the person with the person's favorite pizza

3. How often do you gift your partner presents?

A. Not very often

B. Occasionally

C. Very often

4. Do you love public displays of affection?

A. Not very much

B. Yes, very much

C. Not at all

5. What is the first action of your partner when you are moody?

A. Relieve you of any task you're performing

B. Give you a perk

C. Take you out to your favorite restaurant

6. How will you feel if your partner forgets your anniversary?

A. Sad

B. Okay

C. Angry

7. How often do you help your partner out with domestic chores?

A. Always

B. Not often

C. Often

8. Are you likely to stay overnight to help your partner complete a project?

A. Highly likely

B. Probably

C. Not likely

9. How often do you go shopping with your partner?

A. Occasionally

B. Often

C. Very often

10. How do you welcome your partner home from a long trip?

A. Picking my partner up from the airport

B. With warm hug and kiss

C. With a surprise dinner

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