How Dirty Minded Are You Quiz

9 Questions | Total Attempts: 1178
How Dirty Minded Are You Quiz
Do you ever wonder if you have a dirty mind? When you look at confusing images, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Can you keep your naughty thoughts at bay? Our interesting questions will make it difficult for you to do so. Take this dirty mind test to see if you have a dirty mind or not. The how dirty-minded you quiz will provide you with the exact result! Let’s dive in!

Questions Excerpt

1. Select a unit of measurement.

A. Inches

B. Feet

C. Meters

2. What comes to mind when you think of eggplant?

A. We all know what this really is!

B. A vegetable?

C. An emoji!

3. Which number appeals to you the most?

A. 5

B. 69

C. 32

4. Have you ever read erotica or watched porn?

A. Of course, yes

B. Once or twice

C. No, never

5. How important is sex in your life?

A. One of the three most important things

B. Some periods increase in importance, not always

C. Not much

6. How often do you think to have sex during the day?

A. I can’t count!

B. Maybe once or twice

C. Hardly ever

7. When you see someone who has smudged lipstick, what would you think?

A. They just kissed someone!

B. Do I need to think about something?

C. Bad makeup

8. What do you think the color of passion is?

A. Purple!

B. Red!

C. Black!

9. Do nasty things excite you?

A. Yes, a lot!

B. Just sometimes

C. No, not my cup of tea!

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