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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 28 | Updated: Mar 25, 2022
 How Do You Care for Your Partner the Best Quiz?
While it's sometimes in our partner's hand to take care of us, sometimes the opposite can occur, where you are taking care of them the best way you can. Whether that be through giving them affection, emotional healing, or simply listening to them, there are many ways you can care for your significant other. People can adjust their basic needs based upon what they enjoy in a relationship. This quiz will measure what method you like to use when taking care of your partner in the best way possible. How do you care for your partner in the best way? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you go about talking to your partner?

A. Not much talking, but rather affection

B. With emotion and patience

C. Through reassurance

2. What does your partner struggle with?

A. Not feeling self worth or appreciation

B. With mental issues and guilt

C. Not being socially active

3. How do you aid your partner?

A. By holding them close

B. By supporting them

C. By talking

4. What is the best way to relax your partner?

A. Through affection

B. Through connection

C. Through conversation

5. How do you like to help your partner?

A. By being close to them and giving them love

B. Try to give them therapy and support

C. Speak to them about the situation

6. Your partner has a rough day at work, how do you help them?

A. Show affection and love to them

B. Give them warm comfort and support

C. Try to talk to them

7. How does your partner react to you helping them?

A. They feel loved

B. They feel emotionally relieved

C. They are pleased and energetic

8. Do you love to show them affection when they are hurt?

A. Of course

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

9. Is a good conversation a way to ease discomfort in your partner?

A. Not really

B. Sometimes

C. Of course

10. Do they need emotional support?

A. Somewhat

B. Absolutely

C. Not really

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