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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 42
How Big is My  Heart Quiz
Do you know that the state of your heart at any given time is a reflection of who you are? How big is your heart when it comes to your interaction with others? Do you forgive or hold grudges forever, or are you a person who believes in reciprocating according to the person? rnLet's take this how big is your heart quiz to find out how emotionally evolved and involved you are when it comes to others.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you forgive people easily?

A. I forgive easily even though it sometimes hard

B. No, I don't

C. Yes I do, even when others think I shouldn't

2. Are you easily angered?

A. No, unless I am pushed to the wall

B. Yes, very easily

C. Not at all

3. For how long do you hold a grudge?

A. Not too long

B. I keep grudges for a very long time

C. I don't keep grudges at all

4. Do you easily make friends?

A. I easily make friends

B. I don't make friends easily, in fact I have just a few friends

C. I am careful in choosing my friends

5. How long do you keep your friends?

A. I keep friends for a lifetime

B. Once they're are disloyal I no longer keep them

C. For a long time

6. What do you think about forgiving people who are not repentant?

A. Forgive, and hope that the person eventually changes

B. Do not forgive such people, cut them off

C. Forgive for you own peace of mind

7. How do you react to people who take advantage of you?

A. I still keep them close and try to advise them so they change for the better

B. I keep a good distance from them

C. I don't hold anything against them especially when they are apologetic

8. Are you overly suspicious of people?

A. No, I am not, I feel everyone deserves a chance

B. Yes I am

C. No, I  do not have preconceived perception about others

9. Will you describe yourself as a kind person?

A. Yes,  I try my best to express kindness to everyone

B. No, I feel that not everyone deserves to be shown kindness

C. Yes, I am kind. It is a decision to be kind even when they act wrongly towards me

10. Do you cry while watching movies?

A. Always

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

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