Future Love Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 702
Future Love Quiz
When you fall in love, the whole world seems to conspire so that you see only love in its mirror. It is a sweet intoxication. Everyone is your friend more than ever.  Everything is softened and transfigured: you can float in a rose-colored cloud and wish upon the first stars. Have you ever wondered how your future love life would be? Take this fun future love quiz to find out more!

Questions Excerpt

1. How long do you think a couple should date before getting married?

A. 12 to 18 months

B. Average of twenty-five months

C. I don’t know.

2.  Depending on your personality, what characteristics of a partner are you attracted to most?

A. Trust.

B. Friendliness

C. Confidence without cockiness

3. What kind of first date do you wish to have?

A. Cooking class

B. Ice skating

C. Karaoke

4. What's your go-to love language?

A. Receiving gifts

B. Quality time

C. Words of affirmation

5. Do you have any deal breakers in relationships?

A. They can't be physically unattractive

B. They can't be struggling financially

C. They can't be mean to anyone

6. Where would you and your one true love like to meet and fall in love?

A. A sailboat

B. A plane

C. An elevator

7. Do you have a "dream couple" board on Pinterest?

A. No, but I have a delicious food board

B. No, but I have marked up some magazines, etc

C. Yeah!

8. When showing affection to someone you love, which of these would you most likely do?

A. I would write a love poem 

B. I would cook an elaborate meal for them

C. I would buy them flowers

9. What is your current relationship status?

A. Single

B. Married

C. In a relationship

10. How long would you wait or have waited before it became official?

A. 5+ months

B. 1+ year

C. 5+ years

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