Family Christmas Personality Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 12
Family Christmas Personality Quiz
Christmas is usually a time that brings families together. But it is also a time when families could have a displeasing time, and you might get stuck in a family feud. There will always be someone who diffuses the situation or lights up the room with their presence. Christmas is also a great time to show your true character to your family. This ‘Family Christmas personality quiz’ will help to know the kind of personality that comes out when there is a celebratory family event.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you usually celebrate Christmas with your family?

A. We all meet, eat, chat, and have a great time

B. It is usually grand

C. It is usually quiet

2. What do you do at the gathering?

A. I am usually in charge of the kids

B. I usually sit near the Christmas tree

C. I take care of the conversation part

3. Do you feel ignored at Christmas dinners?

A. Yes, and I am fine with it

B. No, I feel fully involved

C. Yes, sometimes

4. Do you look forward to a family Christmas?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, it could also be tiresome

C. No, it’s way too strenuous

5. Do you participate in decorating the tree or help others to cook meals?

A. Yes, as much as I can

B. Rarely

C. Yes, with utmost pleasure

6. Do you sing Christmas carols with your family?

A. Yes, that’s a tradition

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

7. What part do you enjoy the most about a celebration with family?

A. The food

B. The laughs

C. The conversations

8. How would you describe an ideal Christmas holiday?

A. A whole day to myself

B. A day full of good food and great vibes

C. A simple and grounded time with people I really care about

9. How often do you attend Christmas gatherings?

A. As often as I can

B. I make my presence felt physically or virtually

C. I usually avoid such gatherings

10. Which is your favorite Christmas song?

A. Last Christmas

B. Christmas carols

C. All I want for Christmas is you

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