ENFP Soulmate Compatibility Personality Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 53 | Updated: Mar 21, 2022
ENFP Soulmate Compatibility Personality Quiz
Here is the ENFP soulmate compatibility personality quiz. The ENFP personality type is easily bored by routine and predictable activities. They typically seek a partner with a strong sense of humor who enjoys adventure and creativity. ENFP personality types fall hard and fast in love. When it comes to love, their spontaneous nature and sense of fun reduce inhibition. But which personality exactly is it compatible with? This quiz will guide you and make you wise! Let’s jump right in!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these describes you most?

A. You prefer to remain in the background and avoid drawing attention to yourself

B. At parties, you meet a variety of people

C. You pay more attention to your personal development rather than social activities

2. Which one describes you?

A. You're a visionary; you imagine and envision what things could be, even if they're unrealistic

B. You're a realist, practical, and see things for what they truly are

C. Reasoning is one of your strong suits, and logic is another

3. Choose the one!

A. If a friend is upset about something, your first instinct should be to console them emotionally rather than solve their problem

B. You dislike discussing your feelings and expressing your emotions

C. People's roles in your life are temporary to you. Every person who comes into your life, in some way, will give you a good or bad experience, and this will help you mature

4. Which of these describes you?

A. Your work style is more akin to organized and consistent efforts than spontaneous bursts of energy

B. You frequently make decisions on the spur of the moment

C. The most important quality you can have and achieve in life is tranquillity. People always compliment you on your maturity. This is something you get a lot!

5. Which of these describes you most?

A. After making a mistake, you may begin to doubt yourself, your abilities, or your knowledge

B. You rarely reflect on what you should have said in a conversation long after it has occurred

C. When you hear a question about an unfamiliar topic, you are eager to learn the answer

6. Select the one:

A. Open-minded

B. Perfectionistic

C. Independent

7. Which color would your soul mate be if he or she could only be one?

A. Amethyst

B. Blizzard blue

C. Cotton candy

8. What personality trait in your partner will help you break out of your shell?

A. Their overly sensitive nature

B. Their overly analytical nature

C. Their idealistic skill

9. Is it possible for a person to have more than one soul mate?

A. Sure, why not?

B. No way, there is just one!

C. The concept of multiple soul mates appears more plausible

10. What potential relationship problem do you find more manageable?

A. To exert shared effort on details, long-term planning, and the mundane chores of everyday life

B. Being too independent

C. Neglecting the people aspect of situations and can be ignorant of how they make you feel in certain situations

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