Are We Compatible Quiz

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Are We Compatible Quiz
When you are looking for a partner, you generally have a set of characteristics you would like to find in a significant other. However, sometimes people could get into the habit of looking for the same type of partner every time, and the type of person they are looking for is not actually what they should be looking for. How do you know if the type of person you look for is actually who you are most compatible with? It is hard to know the answer to this for sure, but there are definitely signs that hint towards which type of person would be best for you or what characteristics would really compliment yours. Take this ‘Who Am I Compatible With’ quiz to find out who you are most compatible with today!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are there children in your future?

A. Definitely OR I have a child/children, and I definitely want more

B. At some point, I would like to have children, but I am not ready just yet

C. I am not sure yet, I haven’t decided

D. I don’t think I want children OR I already have a child/children, and that is enough

2. Which of these is most important to you when it comes to relationships?

A. A sense of security and an intimate connection

B. Someone who will be by your side no matter what that you can always depend on

C. Trust, stability, and consistency

D. Being able to let loose and always have fun together

3. Which of these best describes you?

A. A hopeless romantic

B. Compassionate and empathetic

C. Successful and confident

D. Innovative and Curious

4. Which of these would you most desire in a partner?

A. Unconditional love

B. Someone with more of a sensitive side

C. Honesty and trust

D. Adventurous

5. Which of these would be most frustrating to you?

A. Sending mixed messages/words not matching actions

B. Someone who can’t connect on an emotional level

C. Someone who doesn’t like to take risks or have a sense of adventure

D. Someone who lacks the motivation to accomplish their goals

6. Which of these have caused the most significant issues in your past relationships?

A. Intimacy

B. lack of dependability and feeling supported

C. Trust and stability issues

D. Not being interested in the same things

7. When you picture your future, what does your love life look like?

A. Settling down with my soulmate as soon as possible and creating a beautiful life together

B. Taking things slow and waiting until I am sure I have met the right one before settling down, so I don’t make any mistakes

C. I am in no rush to settle down, but I do picture myself getting married someday

D. I am not sure if I will ever settle down

8. What month were you born in?

A. April, August, December

B. March, July, November

C. January, May, September

D. February, June, October

9. What qualities are least attractive to you in a partner?

A. Someone who lacks motivation or ambition

B. Someone who is disconnected from their emotions or other people’s emotions

C. Someone who sends mixed signals and is not dependable

D. Someone who takes life too seriously and doesn’t know how to relax

10. Which weekend activity sounds most enjoyable to you?

A. Getting together with family and/or friends for a night of laughter and fun

B. Date night with my partner cuddled up watching a movie

C. Doing something creative or working on a project around the house

D. Traveling or exploring

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