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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 68
Does my girlfriend really love me quiz
When you are in a committed relationship, it can be easy to doubt or wonder what the other person is thinking.Wondering whether or not your partner loves you, whether they enjoy the relationship as much as you. If you find yourself in this position, take this quiz, Does my girlfriend love me? And let it ease those worries surrounding whether or not she truly loves you or give you the push to move on and find someone new.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your girlfriend enjoy spending time with you?

A. Yes, we do everything together

B. I can occasionally get her to do things with me

C. No, I can never get her to do anything with me

2. Does she talk about the future with you?

A. Yes, we talk about marriage, kids, etc.

B. We have talked briefly about the future, nothing in detail

C. No, she always avoids the subject

3. Have you met her family and friends?

A. I have met her entire family and all of her friends

B. I have met some of them

C. I haven’t met any of her friends and family

4. Does your girlfriend get jealous when she sees you talk to other girls?

A. Yes, she is a very jealous person

B. She gets jealous sometimes, it depends on the situation 

C. No, she is never jealous

5. Does your girlfriend wear your clothes? (Sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, etc.)

A. Yes, she is constantly stealing my hoodies

B. She will sometimes wear a sweatshirt or something

C. No, I never see her in my clothing

6. How often does your girlfriend text you?


B. A couple times a day

C. Rarely, basically never

7. How often does your girlfriend express that she loves you?

A. We say I love you every day and every night

B. She has said I love you once or twice

C. She hasn’t told me that she loves me yet

8. Does she remember your birthday and important anniversaries?

A. Yes, she always surprises me with gifts and romantic plans

B. She remembers sometimes and forgets others

C. No, I always have to remind her the day before

9. Does she touch you affectionately?

A. Yes, she is constantly touching my back or putting her hands around my waist

B. She will occasionally touch my arm or play with my hair

C. No, we have very little physical contact

10. How often does your girlfriend initiate sex?

A. She is typically the one to initiate sex

B. We take turns initiating sex 

C. She never intiates sex, sometimes I feel like I’m begging

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