Does My Friend With Benefits Want More? Quiz

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Does My Friend With Benefits Want More? Quiz
Do you have a friend with benefits that is hinting at more? Maybe they want a relationship or more time with you. Are you wondering if this arrangement is still working? Are you contemplating how they feel about you and whether or not that has changed? If you think your friend with benefits may have feelings for you, take our quiz “Does My Friend With Benefits Want More?” and see where you stand and how to proceed.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is it just sex, or do you talk and cuddle?

A. We talk and cuddle too

B. Sometimes we will cuddle

C. It’s just sex

2. Do they surprise you with gifts?

A. Never

B. Yes, all the time

C. Not usually

3. Do you hold hands in public?

A. Yes

B. No

C. We do, but not usually

4. Do you go on trips together?

A. We do

B. No, we don't

C. Yes, a few times

5. Do they talk about seeing other people?

A. Constantly

B. Not at all

C. They do but not often

6. Do they sleepover at your place?

A. Yes, pretty regularly

B. No, they leave after we are done

C. Sometimes, but they prefer their place

7. Do you go on dates with them?

A. No, we hang out in their or my apartment primarily

B. Yes, we do lots of things together

C. We do, but it’s not very often

8. Is the sex good?

A. Not really, it’s just something to do

B. It varies

C. The sex is fantastic!

9. Do they say sweet romantic things to you?

A. He is sweet occasionally

B. All the time

C. Not really

10. Do they take you in their arms and hold you close?

A. Frequently

B. Sometimes, but only in private

C. Never, they are not overly affectionate

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