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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 124
Does He Like You Quiz
Although it’s a common claim that guys are so simple and what you see is what you get, many people are left wondering what guys are thinking. It feels like a knot in the pit of your stomach when you are getting mixed signals from your crush, and you want to know if he is messing with your head or if he likes you. No more mind games, no more overthinking, and no more wondering if you can trust him or if he’s playing games!rnTake this quiz now to find out if he really likes you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he always seem to find a way to touch you or get close to you?

A. Yes, the feelings are mutual

B. No, never

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, but he does that with others too

2. Do you feel like he treats you differently than he treats others?

A. No, I don’t think so

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, always

D. Yes, often

3. What is your communication like when you aren’t together?

A. We communicate pretty regularly throughout the day

B. We will keep chatting or calling each other throughout the day

C. He is busy a lot and can’t really be on his phone at work, but we will text after work usually

D. He is terrible at answering his phone and texts

4. Do you feel like he often remembers the things you tell him?

A. Yes, he remembers even the smallest details that I don’t even remember telling him sometimes

B. I think he remembers some things, but definitely not specific details

C. Most times

D. No, he never listens!

5. Does he ever seem nervous around you?

A. I often feel he gets nervous around me

B. Most of the time we hang out, it seems like he’s trying to impress me

C. Not really

D. No, he’s just like he is with everyone else

6. Does he flirt with you and try to make you laugh?

A. Yes, we always are laughing and flirting

B. Yes, but I have seen him doing that with others too

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time, he acts that way

7. Do you ever feel butterflies when he looks at you, smiles at you, or pays attention to you?

A. I do, but I think it is just me. It doesn’t seem mutual

B. Sometimes, but I don’t know if I should act on it or if that is just how he is

C. Yes, there are definitely sparks in the air between us. I can feel it

D. Very frequently, unless he’s trying to play cool in front of his friends

8. Does he try to hang out alone with you?

A. No, we are always in a group

B. Yes, most times

C. We seem to prefer hanging out just the two of us

D. He does, but I am not sure if it means anything. Sometimes, he ends the date abruptly and behaves strangely

9. Does he ask you for advice?

A. I think I am always his “go-to” when he needs advice

B. Not really, but sometimes I give it anyway

C. No, he doesn’t ever ask me for advice

D. He does, but sometimes he is too shy to ask for it

10. Does he tell you he likes you?

A. Yes, he always does

B. He is not always vocal, but his actions are pretty loud and clear

C. Not actually, but I feel he likes me

D. Yes, but he says that to others too!

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