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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 12 | Updated: Oct 26, 2022
 Do You Idealize Your Partner Quiz?

Do you idealize your partner? Have you ever wondered why you idealize your partner? Well, you're not alone. 

Let's be real. We all do this from time to time, right? But how often do you idealize your partner? Idealization plays a role in relationships and could possibly be your relationship's downfall. 

Ready to find out the truth? This quiz is here to answer all of your burning questions!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you start dating someone, you tend to think of them as your one and only?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. Not valid to all of my ex’s

2. I'm falling in love super quick?

A. Neutral

B. Agree

C. Disagree

3. Instantly imagine the rest of my life with them when I start dating someone.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

4. You'd rather go on a group date than spend time one-on-one with your partner.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

5. Do you tend to struggle with self-esteem?

A. Time to time

B. All time

C. Never

6. "Having a partner and crushing on everyone" is the thing which I struggle with.

A. Yes, but I didn't enjoy this

B. Yes

C. No, why would I do that

7. "You two evolve together towards a more consistent couple or you grow apart". If this sentence was said to you and your partner, would you be upset about it?

A. Probably yes

B. Not sure, it depends on my mood

C. Of course yes

8. Do you idealize your partner to family and friends?

A. No, not at all

B. Sometimes

C. I do, but I keep it basic level

9. Have you ever realized that you build your partner up in your mind?

A. Never

B. Once or twice

C. Yes, all the time!

10. If your partner is not live up to your expectations, you'd get incredibly disappointed.

A. Yes but not in an incredibly way

B. Yes, it makes me a bit insecure in relationships

C. Definitely no

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