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10 Questions
 Do You Have an Anxious Attachment Style Quiz?

Individuals with highly anxious attachment styles crave intimacy, company, and love. As such, people with this kind of attachment style hate being single for a period of time and constantly enjoy dating, flirting, and being seduced. People with this type of attachment need reassurance and a reminder that they belong as a form of confidence boosting. On the downside, such people tend to experience feelings of jealousy and rejection.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you panic mode on the thought of rejection?

A. Very often

B. Sometimes

C. Never

2. Do you often seek validation?

A. As often as possible

B. Not often

C. I don’t ever

3. Do you feel alienated by the thought of being single?

A. Yes always

B. Yes sometimes

C. Never

4. How often do your friends or partners complain about your clinginess?

A. Very often

B. Sometimes

C. They don’t

5. Do you often exhibit jealous tendencies?

A. Yes very often

B. Not always

C. Never

6. What’s your take on trusting others?

A. I find it difficult trusting people

B. Sometimes it’s difficult for me but not all times

C. I’ve never found it difficult trusting ever

7. The fear of being abandoned

A. Terrifies me

B. Sometimes terrifies me

C. I’m perfectly fine with that

8. How do you feel about being loved?

A. Feeling unworthy of love scares me

B. Sometimes it triggers me

C. I’m okay with or without being loved

9. How sensitive are you to criticism?

A. I’m highly sensitive to criticism

B. I’m sensitive to criticism

C. I’m at unbothered about criticisms

10. Which attachment do you truly belong to?

A. I think I’m super anxious attach�

B. Half super anxious, half unbothered

C. I’m full unbothered

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