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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 87
 Do I Like This Guy Quiz?

We've all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives, and it's a fluttery sensation best described as "butterflies in the stomach!" Do you have a crush on someone and aren't sure whether you should pursue it or call it quits? Take this 'Do I like this guy' quiz and answer the questions as honestly as you can. By doing so, you will be able to decide whether or not to pursue your romantic interest further!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you get nervous or excited when you see him?

A. Oh yes, my heart races every time!

B. Maybe a little, but it's manageable

C. Not really, I feel pretty calm

2. Have you daydreamed about going on a date with him?

A. Yes, it's my favorite daydream!

B. Sometimes, but I'm not sure how it would go

C. No, I haven't thought about it much

3. Do you find yourself wanting to impress him?

A. Absolutely, I want to be at my best around him

B. Maybe a little, but not too much

C. Not really, I'm comfortable being myself

4. How do you feel when he compliments you?

A. I feel on top of the world!

B. It's nice, but it doesn't affect me too much

C. I appreciate it, but it doesn't make a big difference

5. Have you ever caught him staring at you?

A. Yes, and it made me feel special

B. Maybe once or twice, but I'm not sure

C. No, I haven't noticed that happening

6. What is your reason for coming here?

A. This topic simply piqued my interest

B. The quiz reminded me of someone in particular. I can't help but wonder what I feel about them

C. I'm thinking of a few names. I need to sort out my feelings for them

7. Do you know any people who you both know?

A. Yes

B. A few

C. No

8. Do you know what his phone number is?

A. Yes

B. No, but I can find it

C. Unfortunately no

9. When you can't see each other, do you communicate via social media?

A. There will be no chit-chat; only when absolutely necessary will there be chit-chat

B. Yes, as long as we're both free and bored

C. Yes, frequently, and sometimes all day

10. Do you interact with him in real life, such as talking in person, participating in the same activities, and so on?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No, never

11. How often do you catch yourself thinking about him?

A. All the time! He's always on my mind

B. Occasionally, when something reminds me of him

C. Not much, to be honest

12. Have you ever invited him to hang out with you?

A. Yes!

B. Only with friends around

C. Not yet

13. Is it common for your friends to tease you two over being a couple?

A. Actually, my friends do not know about him

B. Yes, mostly

C. Sometimes

14. Have you ever imagined the two of you falling deeply in love?

A. No, I'm too shy to do it

B. Yes, that is my fantasy

C. Once or twice, but I had the feeling it was too good to be true

15. What do you think the most likely future relationship between you and him will be?

A. Couple

B. Lover

C. Just a friend

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