Do I Have Male Postpartum Depression? Quiz

10 Questions
Do I Have Male Postpartum Depression? Quiz
Although typically associated with women and pregnancy, postpartum depression can also affect fathers-to-be or new dads. New parents can experience anxieties and feelings of being overwhelmed once the new bundle has arrived. Unlike women, men can experience physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches, etc.) that manifest their postpartum symptoms. If you are curious to see if you may have male postpartum Read more depression, take our quiz “Do I have Male Postpartum Depression” and find out: Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel guilty but are unsure as to why?

A. Yes, I feel constantly guilty

B. No, I have no feelings of guilt

C. Occasionally I will feel guilty

2. Do you enjoy spending time with friends and family?

A. Yes, I see them as often as I can

B. No, I don’t feel like being around loved ones

C. I will spend time with them periodically

3. Do you have a hard time getting motivated?

A. I am very lethargic

B. I am very motivated to get things done

C. My motivation varies

4. Do you have scary thoughts about hurting yourself or your child?

A. I have thought about them

B. I have not had those thoughts

C. I have them sometimes, but they are dismissed easily

5. Do you look forward to the future and make future plans?

A. Yes, I have a lot of hope for the future

B. No, I focus purely on the present

C. I make a few future plans

6. Do you feel like you are bonding with your baby?

A. Unfortunately, I am not bonding well with my child

B. Yes, I feel very close to my baby

C. I feel close, but at times, I don’t feel connected

7. Are you excited about your new family?

A. No, I just want to be alone

B. From time to time, I am excited

C. Yes, I can’t wait to see what happens in the future

8. Do you enjoy spending time with your baby?

A. Yes, I really enjoy being around my new child

B. No, I have very little interest

C. I have to step away and take breaks

9. Do you feel down and hopeless and that you have little interest in things?

A. Extremely down and hopeless

B. I feel happy and have interest in things

C. Sometimes

10. Do you have the energy to complete household tasks?

A. Half of the time

B. Not really

C. Yes, I have a lot of energy

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