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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 5381 | Updated: May 07, 2024
Do I Have a Healthy Relationship With My Parents Quiz

As we reach adulthood, our relationship with our parents shifts and changes over time. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with your parents, and if you feel that your relationship may be taking a turn for the worst, take this 'Do I have a healthy relationship with my parents' quiz and evaluate your equation with your parents.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you enjoy being close to your parents?

A. Yes, I and my parents are very close.

B. No, I’m not interested in my parents right now.

C. Sometimes, I will engage in closeness.

D. Yes, but I also like to be alone.

2. Do you and your parents have hobbies together?

A. No, we do not see each other very often.

B. Sometimes, we have one or two things we do together

C. Not really, we just usually do what they want.

D. Yes, we are constantly doing things together

3. How do you resolve conflicts with your parents?

A. We discuss and resolve them maturely.

B. We argue but eventually find a compromise.

C. Conflicts? We avoid them at all costs.

D. We rarely resolve conflicts; they linger.

4. Do your parents make you happy when you spend time with them?

A. Yes, they say sweet things that make my day.

B. YES! My parents are so funny and make me laugh constantly.

C. Never, we try not to interact.

D. Sometimes, they occasionally surprise me.

5. How often do you and your parents laugh together?

A. All the time, laughter is a huge part of our relationship.

B. Occasionally, when the mood is right.

C. Sometimes, it depends on the day's mood.

D. Not often, we are quite serious.

6. How do your parents react to your achievements?

A. They celebrate and are genuinely happy for me.

B. They acknowledge them, but we don’t make a big deal out of it.

C. They are supportive, but we don't celebrate much.

D. They hardly notice or mention them.

7. Can you be yourself around your parents?

A. Absolutely, I am always myself with them.

B. Mostly, but I keep some things to myself.

C. It varies; sometimes I feel I can be myself.

D. No, I often feel I have to act differently.

8. Do you feel appreciated by your parents?

A. Yes, they show appreciation often.

B. Sometimes, but it could be more frequent.

C. Yes, but it's usually only for big things.

D. No, I feel taken for granted most of the time.

9. Do you and your parents show affection?

A. Rarely, affection has faded over the years.

B. Sometimes, we don’t always have time for affection.

C. Yes! We always give hugs and little kisses to show we love each other.

D. Never, we do not show affection.

10. Do you and your parents enjoy spending time together?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes! We spend as much time together as possible.

C. Yes, we do things together on the weekends.

D. No, we prefer to separate.

11. Do you share worries and concerns with your parents?

A. Yes, my parents are my most trusted friends.

B. No, I never tell them my feelings.

C. Yes, but I like to work out problems on my own.

D. Not always. Sometimes, I feel like they won’t care.

12. How often do you and your parents go on outings?

A. Not really

B. On occasion

C. Sometimes

D. All the time!

13. Are your parents your best friends?

A. Yes! Wouldn’t want anyone else.

B. Yes, but I have other friends I prefer.

C. Not really, I rely on my other closer friends.

D. Not at all, we do not share with one another.

14. Do you and your parents take care of each other?

A. Yes, we care about each other’s well-being.

B. Occasionally, we will talk together.

C. No, my parents deal with our health privately

D. Sometimes, we tend to take turns talking about our health.

15. How often do you visit your parents?

A. Often

B. Very Often

C. Never

D. Rarely

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