Can I Get My Ex Back Or Is He Gone Forever? Quiz

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Can I Get My Ex Back Or Is He Gone Forever? Quiz
Do you still love your Ex? Do you want to get him/her back? Some relationships are over when you break-up, but some can be restored and made even stronger. If you still feel like you love your ex and want him back, maybe he feels the same and it's time to make a move and try to get him back in your life. How to know? Take this quiz and find out if there's a chance to be together again:

Questions Excerpt

1. Did he ever say "I love you"?

A. Yes, he did. Many times.

B. He said a couple of times.

C. He said once.

D. Never.

2. What did you love about him?

A. His sense of humor.

B. His personality.

C. His style.

D. That he was rich.

3. What does he post on social networks?

A. Emotional songs and love quotes.

B. Usual stuff.

C. He doesn't post anything.

D. I don't know, he blocked me.

4. Why did you break up?

A. I dumped him, I made a mistake.

B. I cheated on him.

C. He dumped me, he says he needs more space.

D. He cheated on me.

5. What did he love about you?

A. My personality.

B. My smile.

C. I was always there for him.

D. He never said anything.

6. Are you ready to change for him?

A. Yes.

B. Maybe.

C. I think there's nothing wrong with me, but I'd try.

D. Why would I change?

7. Did he change anything about his appearance?

A. No, nothing, he's still the same.

B. Just a haircut.

C. He bought some new clothes.

D. Yes, he's some punk rocker now or something.

8. Does he have a new girlfriend?

A. Nope.

B. Not as I know.

C. He has someone, but he says she's just a friend.

D. Yes.

9. Do you still communicate?

A. Yes, we chat all the time.

B. Sometimes.

C. Just saying hello when we see each other in person.

D. Nope.

10. How is your social network relationship?

A. Like always, he likes my posts and we chat all the time.

B. We chat sometimes.

C. He ignores me.

D. He blocked me.

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