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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1226
 Are You Written By a Man, Or Woman Quiz?
Some people express their natural feminine or masculine styles, while others are in the middle and come across as uniquely androgynous. You can be a woman, but your behaviors and patterns of daily life can be "written by a man," meaning you have a primarily masculine influence on your attitude. It can also be a female being written by a woman, meaning she has highly feminine energy. So, were you written by a man or woman? Take this short quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your clothing style?

A. Feminine

B. Androgynous

C. Masculine

2. How does your bedroom look?

A. Organized, pretty

B. Average

C. Precise and clear

3. What is your personality?

A. Bright and positive

B. Casual personality

C. Dominant yet caring

4. What is your behavior?

A. Good and innocent behavior

B. Nice behavior

C. Trustworthy and protective

5. Are you a nurturing woman?

A. Of course

B. It depends

C. No

6. What is your music choice?

A. Pop

B. Alternative

C. Country or rock

7. What kind of friends do you have?

A. Feminine female friends

B. Average and basic friends

C. Masculine friends

8. What is your speaking tone?

A. Quite, high-pitched

B. Normal

C. A firm, toned voice

9. What type of confidence do you have?

A. Soft confidence

B. Average confidence

C. A dominant hard confidence

10. What do you think of dresses?

A. I love them

B. Not my favorite

C. I don't like them

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