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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 64 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You Too Nice To Get The Girl Quiz
Could being too nice sometimes put us in a  disadvantaged position? Have you lost certain opportunities or faced certain challenges because people claim you are too nice.. I have even heard people say that ladies would not date guys who are too nice but that they prefer guys who have an iota of stubbornness in them because they feel guys who are too nice are a bit too calm, laid back, and boring. You're anxious to know, right? Let's find out through Are You Too Nice to Get the Girl Quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your first line of action when you see a lady you like?

A. I wish to be a little dramatic to draw her attention

B. I will just admire her and wait for the right time to approach her

C. I will approach her, introduce myself and let her know I like her

2. Do you feel frustrated when a lady you like doesn't notice you even when you try everything to get her attention?

A. Sometimes

B. No

C. Yes

3. Are you likely to sacrifice the last of your money to get lunch for a lady and regret it later?

A. I'm likely to

B. No, I will do that but not regret it

C. I always have cash on me, so I am not likely to run out of it talk less be in a situation like this

4. Will you pretend to be who you are not in order to get a lady?

A. Maybe

B. I will never do that

C. That's too low for me

5. Will you still continue to be nice to a lady who tells you she's not into you?

A. Yes, I will still try all possible means to win her over

B. Yes, it doesn't matter if she's not into me I will still be friendly

C. No, I will cut all ties with her

6.  Are you likely to denounce your friends in order to get a girl you like?

A. It depends

B. Never

C. I don't think so

7. Do you think ladies like confident guys?

A. To some extent

B. Yes, once it's in moderation

C. Yes, always

8. Are guys who try to be funny perceived as nice by ladies?

A. Yes, they are

B. No,  ladies don't like guys who are not naturally funny but try to be

C. No, they don't

9. Are you likely to borrow a friend's car to impress a lady you want to get?

A. Yes, I will do that

B. No, not at all

C. I will rather get a car of my own

10. When it comes to the girl you like, would you prefer to win her as a friend before you woo her?

A. Yes,  I will do everything to draw her close to me, even if it is as a friend

B. Yes, I will prefer that

C. No, I will prefer to woo her from the word go

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