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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5957 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You Not A Good Enough Wife?
Does your husband think you are the best wife ever? But what do you think – are you really offering the best to your spouse or are you frequently neglecting him? If you want to enjoy a happy marriage, you need to be able to give, not only expect to take. Relationship experts describe marriage as a bank account – if you want to withdraw something from it, like affection and support, you also need to make regular deposits. Take this quiz and find out if you have been neglecting the most important asset in your life – your marriage.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your husband is teasing you. What is your reaction?

A. I take it as a joke

B. I feel a bit irritated but don't say anything

C. I get angry

D. I find a remark that will sting him even more

2. Do you mind taking care of the home if he spends more time at work?

A. Not at all

B. A bit but I'll take it in my stride

C. Yes, I like to split tasks

D. Yes, I am not one of those housewives!

3. You work at home. How does your husband find you when he comes back from work?

A. In my pajamas

B. In the same outfit I have been wearing for the last week, wrinkled and stained

C. Well-groomed and wearing something sexy

D. Wearing some comfortable clothes

4. Your husband comes home and tells you he has been promoted. What do you say?

A. I am so happy for you!

B. Great!

C. It was about time!

D. Duh! Big deal

5. Your husband is in a bad mood, and you know he is in the wrong. What do you do?

A. Empathize. Support him and avoid to put the blame on him

B. Tell him the truth bluntly

C. Tell him what he should do to repair things

D. Start a fight

6. When did you last surprise your husband in a good way?

A. Just the other day

B. Last month

C. Last year

D. I can't remember

7. Are you easy to get along with?

A. Totally

B. Mostly yes

C. So-so

D. Not really

8. Your husband has hit the family’s car for the second time this month. What is your reaction?

A. I support and comfort him considering he is in a bad head space

B. I ask him to pay more attention

C. I complain about his lack of attention

D. I nag for the rest of the day and make him feel miserable

9. Your husband is planning an outing with his friends. What do you think about it?

A. It's an excellent idea

B. I will miss him

C. He is neglecting me again

D. There is no way I am going to allow this

10. How do you greet your husband when he gets home?

A. With a hug and a kiss

B. With a smile

C. I just say a quick hi

D. I make an observation about something he's done wrong

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