Quiz: Are You a Sweetheart?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 30
Quiz: Are You a Sweetheart?
People can be cold as ice or sweet as honey depending on their behaviour towards others. If you are a sweet person then you will contribute to the happiness and joy of the people in your life. But if you appear cold to the people around you, they will try to avoid hanging out with you. So, while many people think they’re lovable and fond to be with, taking the ‘Are you a sweetheart quiz’ will help you affirm your perception of yourself or discover the truth.

Questions Excerpt

1. If your partner came to you at a time of need, would you help them?

A. Yes, I would

B. Of course, why I would not

C. No, we all have to take care of ourselves

2. Have you started a rumour you knew was untrue?

A. No, I have not

B. Yes but only when it was necessary

C. Yes, I have

3. Have you ever impersonated someone to gain favour?

A. I have done that so many times

B. Yes, a couple of times

C. No, I haven’t

4. Have you ever worked in customer service?

A. Yes, and I loved it

B. No, but I wish to

C. No and I don’t intend to

5. Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day?

A. Yes, it’s a fantastic idea

B. Only when I’m dating

C. I don’t care about it

6. Would you try to find the owner if you found a lost item on the street?

A. I would do everything to make sure that I find the owner

B. Maybe, it depends on how much cash

C. No, finder keeps

7. Did the Titanic movie make you sob?

A. It gets me everytime

B. It was a good movie

C. It was just a movie, nothing more

8. How do you deal with a rude coworker?

A. Treat them nicely

B. I ignore them and focus

C. I fight back hard

9. How often do you get compliments from friends and relatives?

A. Very often

B. Sometimes

C. I rarely receive compliments

10. How popular are you?

A. I have quite a lot of friends

B. I like to keep a close circle

C. My family is enough

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