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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 289
 Are You a Feminist Quiz?

Do you want to find out if you're a true feminist? Check out this 'am I a feminist quiz' to find out. A true feminist is someone who works on issues of women's empowerment or helps their fellow females exceed the limitations that are placed on them due to their gender. A feminist believes in there being equal opportunities and options for everyone, irrespective of their sex and gender. The following quiz will determine whether you are a true feminist. Give it a shot!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the true definition of feminism, in your opinion?

A. The belief that women are as important as men

B. The desire for equal rights and to see women's roles improved

C. Something toxic that is challenging the harmonious order of the world

2. What are your thoughts on abortion?

A. Pro-life, except in limited circumstances like rape, etc.

B. People should have the right to choose what is best for their body, life and family

C. I’m not sure, but a woman should have a say

3. What is your reaction if a man says, "I help my wife at home?”

A. She still probably does more than he does, but it's a start!

B. What do you mean you help? Isn't it also your home?

C. What a lucky wife he has!

4. What do you say when someone says, "I am neither a feminist nor a sexist; I simply believe in equality?”

A. I call myself a feminist, but I can see that the term itself is a bit perplexing for others

B. I can't believe I'm having to explain this yet again

C. I agree that every life is valuable but we should celebrate our natural differences

5. What are your thoughts on birth control?

A. It is a good thing. It gives women nearly as much sexual freedom as men

B. It is a matter of personal preference

C. It is a bad thing. It enables women to sleep around

6. A woman should be able to marry and have children with whomever she chooses.

A. Completely agree

B. Disagree

C. Not sure

7. What are your thoughts on gender roles?

A. They are entirely man-made

B. They are something that everyone is born with

C. They are limiting and inaccurate

8. Do you believe that women should not be forced to conform to society's standards of beauty?

A. Unsure

B. Disagree

C. Completely agree

9. Do you believe that men and women should have the same sexual expectations in society?

A. Vehemently disagree

B. Uncertain

C. Completely agree

10. Women should be economically and socially self-sufficient. They should not rely on men to look after them.

A. Uncertain

B. Completely agree

C. Disagree

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