Are We Intellectually Compatible?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 910
Are We Intellectually Compatible?
Intelligence and education represent one of the main pillars of couple compatibility. When partners have similar education levels and interests, they find it easier to understand each other and have more common ground for meaningful conversations. Communication is the heart of intimacy, and when two people have nothing to talk about, their relationship starts to degrade. You don’t need to measure your Read more IQ or compare your educational degrees to discover if you are intellectually compatible – take this quiz and find out everything you need to know. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What games do you like to play together?

A. Chess

B. Scrabble

C. Card games

D. Bingo

2. What is your favorite pastime activity that you do together?

A. Reading books

B. Going to music concerts

C. Exercising

D. Watching TV

3. Do you feel your communication is authentic and personal?

A. Yes, we are like one soul in two bodies

B. Most times yes

C. Sometimes

D. Never

4. What cultural events do you prefer attending together?

A. Opera

B. Theater plays

C. Events at the museum

D. Popular movies and concerts

5. What kind of music do you listen to?

A. Classical and jazz

B. Greatest hits of all time

C. Rap and hip hop

D. Mainstream music you hear on the radio

6. You read an interesting article. What do you do next?

A. Show it to my partner and discuss it together

B. Analyze it on my own

C. Just enjoy it

D. I don't read

7. Do you understand each other when you have a conversation?

A. Yes, and we complete each other's sentences

B. Yes, most times

C. We have misunderstandings sometimes

D. No, I feel like I'm talking to a wall

8. Has your partner made any book or film recommendations to you?

A. Yes, actually my partner has recommended my favorite book to me

B. Yes, it was OK

C. Yes, but I didn't like it

D. Never

9. How do your conflicts end?

A. We respect each other's opinion

B. We are upset but get over it

C. One of us manages to outsmart the other

D. With physical aggression

10. Do you share the same basic values?

A. Absolutely

B. Yes, mostly

C. Not really

D. No

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