Are We a Compatible Crush Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 3024
 Are We a Compatible Crush Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you talked to your crush yet?

A. No, not yet

B. Yes, and we had a great conversation

C. Yes, but I did not feel the spark

2. What are the interests you share with your crush?

A. We both like the same sport

B. We haven’t talked about our interests yet

C. We don’t talk much

3. What do you find most attractive in your crush?

A. Just their body body

B. They are nice to people

C. Their voice

4. Have you gone on a date with them?

A. Yes, once, and it was fancy

B. Not yet

C. We only share glances

5. Do they ignore you in a social gathering?

A. Yes, they usually do

B. Not really, we do talk a little bit

C. We both ignore each other

6. Have they ever asked you to do something sexually that made you uncomfortable?

A. Yes, they have strange sexual fantasies

B. No, this has never happened

C. Yes, once

7. Do they flirt with other people around you?

A. No, I haven’t noticed

B. Yes, and they also ignore me sometimes

C. Not often, but I feel uncomfortable

8. Do you think you get complete attention when you talk to them?

A. Not really, they are easily distracted

B. Yes, they are quite a good listener

C. Not when his friends are around

9. Do you think you don’t have much to talk about with them?

A. Yes, we don’t

B. I am still getting to know them

C. No, I like talking to them

10. How would you describe their body language around you?

A. Fluid

B. Stiff

C. Too comfortable

11. What communication style do you and your crush prefer in social situations?

A. We both enjoy engaging in deep, meaningful conversations

B. One of us is more talkative while the other prefers listening

C. Our communication styles often clash, leading to misunderstandings

12. How do you and your crush usually spend your free time?

A. We have similar hobbies and interests, so we enjoy doing things together

B. Our interests differ, but we're open to exploring each other's activities

C. Our free time preferences rarely align, causing us to spend time apart

13. In terms of future plans, how compatible are your life goals with your crush's?

A. We share similar aspirations and see a harmonious future together

B. There are some differences, but we believe we can compromise and find common ground

C. Our future plans and goals are quite incompatible, raising concerns about the long-term

14. When resolving conflicts, how do you and your crush usually approach disagreements?

A. We calmly discuss and work through issues, valuing each other's perspective

B. One of us tends to avoid confrontation, while the other addresses problems directly

C. Our conflict resolution styles often clash, leading to unresolved tensions

15. How do your close friends perceive the compatibility between you and your crush?

A. Our friends see us as a perfect match and often comment on our chemistry

B. Opinions among our friends vary; some see compatibility while others have doubts

C. Our friends have expressed concerns about our compatibility due to noticeable differences

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