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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 112 | Updated: Jan 17, 2024
Am I Unlovable Quiz

Feeling unlovable can be a heavy burden, but this 'Am I Unlovable Quiz' is here to offer perspective. It's designed to help you reflect on your self-perception and relationships. Remember, everyone deserves love and understanding. This quiz is a step towards self-discovery, not a definitive judgment. Let's explore your feelings in a supportive, non-judgmental way.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you react when someone compliments you?

A. I accept it graciously and feel good about it.

B. I feel awkward and unsure if they mean it.

C. I usually think they're just being polite and don't believe it.

2. Do you feel worthy of love and affection?

A. Yes, I believe I am worthy of love.

B. Sometimes, but other times I doubt it.

C. No, I often feel unworthy of love.

3. How often do you engage in negative self-talk?

A. Rarely, I try to be kind to myself.

B. Occasionally, especially in tough times.

C. Frequently, it's a constant struggle.

4. When facing rejection, how do you typically respond?

A. I understand it's part of life and don't take it personally.

B. It bothers me, but I try to move on.

C. I take it to heart and feel deeply hurt.

5. How comfortable are you with being alone?

A. Very comfortable; I enjoy my own company.

B. Somewhat comfortable, but sometimes I feel lonely.

C. Uncomfortable, it often makes me feel unloved.

6. Do you believe that everyone, including yourself, deserves love?

A. Absolutely, without a doubt.

B. In theory, yes, but sometimes I question it for myself.

C. I struggle to believe that I deserve love.

7. How do you view your past relationships?

A. As learning experiences and a part of my journey.

B. With mixed feelings, some good, some bad.

C. As a series of failures or disappointments.

8. How do you feel about your future in terms of relationships?

A. Optimistic and open to possibilities.

B. Uncertain but hopeful.

C. Pessimistic or worried I'll always be alone.

9. How do you generally feel in social situations?

A. Confident and at ease.

B. A bit anxious, but I manage.

C. Out of place or like I don't belong.

10. What's your approach to self-improvement?

A. I actively work on it and feel good about my progress.

B. I try, but sometimes I feel stuck.

C. I often feel hopeless and unsure of where to start.

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