Am I In Love?

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 15
Am I In Love?
Do you get crazy butterflies when you see your crush? Do you tend to hear violins playing in the background? Do you feel happy just by looking at that one person? Chances are you are in the early stages of love, but we can’t say for sure unless you take the Am I in Love Quiz. The Am I in Love quiz will give you much-needed clarity towards your feelings and help you chalk the further course out. Read more Let’s find out if you truly are in love. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe your crush?

A. He/She  is the best

B. I have never known anyone like him/her

C. He/she  is so easy to talk to

2. Have you felt this way ever before for anyone else?

A. Never

B. Yes

C. Maybe

3. What do you do when you get a text from your crush?

A. Smile and text back

B. Look at the text and put it away

C. Smile and wait a few minutes to respond

4. How would you feel seeing them with someone else?

A. Jealous and sad

B. Disappointed

C. Normal

5. Have you ever dreamed about them?

A. Yes, but not often

B. Many times now

C. Not even once

6. Can you describe your feelings for that person?

A. Yes

B. It would take ages, but yes, you can

C. You don’t mind giving it a try

7. How do you feel when they touch you, smile at you, etc.?

A. Normal, nothing special

B. You feel on top of the world

C. You feel ecstatic, even if it’s just for a second

8. How did you feel the first time you saw your crush?

A. I wanted him/her to notice me

B. I don’t know

C. I thought he/she was cute, but I was attracted to his/her personality

9. Do you know all the important things about them?

A. You know some of it

B. You know most of it

C. Not really

10. Why would you want to date your crush?

A. He/she is attractive

B. We make each other happy

C. We have a lot of fun together, and we have a lot in common

11. What do you like most about your crush?

A. Their looks

B. Their work ethic

C. Their personality

12. How long have you known your crush?

A. At least a year

B. A few months

C. A really long time

13. If you don’t see your crush, how do you feel?

A. Bummed

B. Content

C. Disappointed

14. How do you feel when you see your crush?

A. Giddy

B. Nervous and happy

C. The same

15. How often do you stare at your crush?

A. Very Often

B. Never

C. Sometimes

16. What best describes your relationship with this person?

A. They are just a friend

B. You are dating them

C. They are  a crush

17. How does your crush act around you?

A. Cool

B. Like I don’t exist

C. Sweet and flirty

18. You hope your crush —

A. Has a crush on you

B. Likes you as much as you like them

C. Is doing okay?

19. How do you feel about their happiness?

A. I wish for their happiness as long as they are with me

B. I want them to be happy even without me

C. I don’t care about their happiness

20. When do you feel most affectionate towards them?

A. When they buy me things

B. When they are nice to me

C. Always. My affection has never died down

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