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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6572
 Am I Happy In My Marriage Quiz?

Marriage is something that we enter into with the expectation of happiness and togetherness. And usually, couples work hard to make sure that their marriage is healthy and happy. 

Do you want to find out if you are truly happy in your marriage? You might simply be going through some rough patches, or your unhappiness may be an indication of something more serious. Take this 'Am I happy in my marriage' quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel comfortable being emotionally vulnerable in front of your partner?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Sometimes

D. No, not really

2. Does your partner get extremely possessive when you spend time with your friends?

A. No, my spouse does not get insecure over nothing

B. Only when we are both not in a good place emotionally

C. Yes, this is happens often

D. Yes, this happens all the time

3. Do you feel that your relationship is consuming too much of your time and personality?

A. No, as I take time for myself regularly when things get too much

B. At times, but I’m afraid of losing our connection if I do things by myself

C. Yes, But I don’t know what to do about that

D. Yes, It is getting very difficult to maintain my individuality

4. Do you find spending time with your spouse exhausting?

A. No, we are comfortable in each other’s silences

B. No, this rarely happens

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, this happens often

5. Have you lost touch with your friends and family since you got married?

A. No, of course not

B. No, but there are time constraints

C. Yes, in some ways

D. Yes, for sure

6. Do you go to bed at the same time?

A. Yes, everyday

B. Usually

C. Rarely

D. Never

7. Do you have kids?

A. Yes

B. We want kids and we've been trying

C. No

D. No, we don't want kids

8. How often do you fight?

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Often

9. Does your spouse have a job?

A. Yes, but they are not a workaholic

B. Yes, a part-time job

C. No

D. Yes, they are addicted to their job

10. How would you describe your spouse?

A. Fun-loving

B. Insecure

C. Romantic

D. Angry

11. When was the last time you had fun together?

A. Today

B. A few days ago

C. A few months ago

D. I can't remember

12. How often do you talk?

A. Often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

13. How do you feel when you see your spouse?

A. Loved

B. Happy

C. Insecure

D. Worried

14. Has either of you cheated?

A. No

B. We've might've thought about it but we would never act on it

C. One of us has

D. Yes, both of us

15. How often do you have sex?

A. Often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

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