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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 79 | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
Am I Following Negative Parenting Styles

Parenting is a pretty big responsibility. That's why it's so important to be aware of the type of parenting you are using during this experience. If you're not completely sure if what you're doing is right — or even wrong — Here is the Quiz: Am I Following Negative Parenting Styles? Answer these simple questions and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do I frequently yell at my child?

A. No. I've made sure to set up a good relationship with my child, and I'm not afraid to discipline them when they need it, but I'm not yelling at them in an effort to get them to obey

B. I yell at my child because it makes me feel better—like it's giving me control over the situation

C. I yell at my child when she's not listening to me or when she's doing something I don't want her to do

2. Do I use spanking as a form of discipline?

A. Yes. Because it's the only way to get my children to listen to me. I don't believe in spanking as a way of disciplining my children, but it is effective when they are being defiant and won't listen to me

B. Sometimes I use spanking as a form of discipline, but not consistently or frequently enough to be considered a negative parenting style

C. No, but I do use other forms of punishment such as time-outs, taking away privileges, and grounding my child

3. Do I frequently punish my child by taking away privileges or possessions?

A. Yes

B. Just sometimes

C. No

4. Do I often criticize my child's behavior in front of others?

A. No, I rarely do that

B. Sometimes. It depends on the situation

C. Yes, I do that often to make my child realize their mistake

5. Do I react strongly when my child misbehaves but then "forget" about it later?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No, never

6. Am I quick to punish but slow to reward?

A. To be honest, yes

B. Not sure

C. Definitely not

7. Do I let my child get away with bad behavior because he or she is cute or popular?

A. Yes, and it's not good for my child

B. Yes, but only sometimes

C. No. I'm a very consistent parent

8. Am I overly lenient on punishment when other people are around (e.g. if friends are over) but stricter when no one is around (e.g. alone with my partner)?

A. Yes, it happens

B. No, I am not overly lenient on punishment when other people are around

C. t's hard to tell because I tend to be more lenient with the behaviors that bother me the most (e.g., talking back) so it's hard to see if there is a pattern in terms of who I'm being strict or lenient with

9. Am I overly harsh with my disciplinary actions but lenient when it comes to rewards?

A. Yes, I am a helicopter parent who is always hovering over my child

B. No, I'm not being too harsh or lenient

C. Sometimes, I am too controlling and don't allow my child to make any choices for themselves

10. At the end of the day, do I feel like a terrible parent if I have a negative experience with or concerning my child?

A. Yes, always

B. Well, sometimes

C. I'm not sure yet. I'll know more with time!

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