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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1289 | Updated: Aug 25, 2022
 Am I Falling for Him Too Fast Quiz?

Love can happen faster than you think. But can it be too quick? Sometimes it can be good to take time and get to know someone. After all, you can only really love someone if you know them; otherwise, it may just be infatuation. 

But are you worried that you are falling so fast that you are destined to be disappointed? Take this ‘Am I falling for him too fast’ quiz and find out now.  

Questions Excerpt

1. First things first, how long have you known him?

A. A week

B. A couple of, months

C. Oh, years.

2. Do your friends think that you moving too fast?

A. Yes, they want me to slow down a bit

B. Not really

C. No, they think I’m moving rather slowly

3. Is there anything about this person that makes you feel uncertain?

A. No, they are perfect and I’m totally smitten

B. Sure, and I’m waiting to see how things pan out

C. I’m always uncertain as people are tricky

4. Have you had some fights with this person?

A. We’ve had no fights because he is perfect

B. We’ve had some

C. Yes, and that why I’m uncertain

5. Do you like all their flaws too?

A. They have no flaws

B. I’m slowly getting used to their flaws

C. No, I wish they change these eventually

6. Is there something missing in your equation with this person right now?

A. No, it is perfect and I want to be even closer quickly

B. Sure, as we are still getting to know each other

C. Yes, there is a lot that is missing

7. Does this guy have any red flags or things you would never have accepted in another relationship?

A. I’m still learning about him, but so far nothing that gives me pause

B. I’m scoping it out as you can never be too sure

C. Well, maybe he does…but he’s him, so how does it matter?

8. Are you officially together?

A. Yeah, we are basically married

B. Just barely

C. If you mean, I’m officially in love, yes. �If you mean are we in an official relationship…no

9. How often do you check to see if he’s texted?

A. Every single time my phone buzzes

B. Never. Sometimes I check my phone and he happens to have texted

C. I mean, I look at my phone when it buzzes, and if I’m expecting him to call or text.

10. Have you talked to your friends about him?

A. Yeah, of course, they like him.

B. Yes, they keep being like, wait, who is this, that guy you just met?

C. They all know him pretty well

11. Have you started planning your wedding?

A. Oh yes, I know the entire guest list from my side

B. No, that would be weird at this stage

C. No, I guess I have considered that it could happen one day

12. Does your heart beat fast when you see him?

A. No

B. It used to be a bit. Now we’re pretty comfortable

C. YES! Ain’t love grand?!

13. Has he met your family?

A. Well, no, but I’d like him to do that soon

B. Nope, I think we can take a bit more time.

C. Yes, it was quite nice so I think I can marry him now

14. Have you said I love you?

A. We have, yeah.

B. He said that first; it was pretty quick.

C. No, no, no, no…why would I do that?

15. How open have you been with him?

A. I’ve told him the basics, like what you could find on my LinkedIn profile

B. I’ve told him everything about me. Things I’ve never told anyone in my life.

C. I’ve shared it with him. And he’s shared with me. But there are somethings I haven’t mentioned

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