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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 141 | Updated: Mar 22, 2022
Am I Being Catfished Quiz
To be catfished is to fall prey to the antics of an impersonator online. If you’re having the suspicion that someone you’re talking to online isn’t who they say they are, then you’re probably a victim of catfish. Online dating is a big part of our lives now. If the person’s story seems not to check out, there’re ways to find out. Taking ‘Am I being catfished quiz’ is one of the surest ways to spot out if the person you’re talking to or texting isn’t who they are.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do they sound or look too good to be true?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

2. Do they refuse to send you pictures of yourself?

A. They always refuse

B. Sometimes, they do

C. No, they don’t refuse

3. Has your online friend ever asked for financial assistance?

A. Yes, they have, and I sent them

B. They have but I didn’t send the money and they stopped talking to me

C. No they haven’t

4. Have you ever had a video chat with your online friend?

A. No, we haven’t even though I’ve requested a few times

B. Yes, but it was dark where they were

C. Yes, we have and it was clear as day

5. Does your online friend claim to be rich or famous?

A. Yes

B. They claim to be doing extremely well

C. No, they’re discreet and modest

6. Did they give an excuse when you asked to meet?

A. Consistently

B. Sometimes

C. No, they gladly accepted to meet

7. Are they pushing things a little too fast?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes it seems forced

C. No

8. What did you find, when you googled?

A. Nothing came up

B. Nothing substantial

C. Regular things, including high school pictures etc

9. Have you told this person a lot about yourself? Have they told you enough about themselves too?

A. They know a lot about me but I know nothing about them

B. I tell them a lot about me, and they tell me a lot about them. But what they tell me doesn't exactly seem to fit them. Something doesn't check out

C. Yes, I know everything about them and they also know everything about me

10. What does your gut say about them?

A. Pretty certain they’re catfish

B. I want to believe they’re real but something seems off

C. I’m fully sure they’re real persons with no doubts

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