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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 7447
 Am I Asexual Quiz?

An asexual person is a person who does not engage in a sexual activity purely because they do not have the drive to do so. An asexual person has no sexual feelings or desires. Sexual attraction or desire does not exist for someone who is asexual. While there are people who are asexual, some are still confused if they fall under the asexual category or just going through an inactive sexual phase in life. If you are questioning your sexuality, feel free to take our quiz, “Am I asexual?” and see if it is a good fit for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does the idea of sex and romance excite you?

A. Yes, definitely

B. It differs. Sometimes it matters, sometimes, it doesn’t

C. It seems unnecessary and boring

2. What would be your ideal relationship as far as intimacy is concerned?

A. I believe lovemaking is important and would like to be intimate to my partner on a regular basis

B. My feelings just fluctuate

C. I don’t see myself in a relationship

3. Have you ever had sex before?

A. Yes, with someone I really loved

B. Yes, byt my feelings for the idea of sex differs from moment to moment

C. I haven’t had sex yet

4. Take a hypothetical situation- If you were to never have sex again, what would be your reaction?

A. I won’t be able to bear the idea

B. I wouldn’t mind but my feelings might change

C. It wouldn’t impact my life

5. If you had to choose between eating a delicious dessert of your choice, or having hot sex, which would you pick?

A. Sex

B. Not sure

C. My delicious desert

6. When you have a crush, do you also get sexual feelings?

A. I typically develop sexual feelings for my crushes

B. No, I just have romantic feelings

C. I am unsure whether or not I have had sexual feelings for my crushes

7. Do you masturbate?

A. Yes, I regularly masturbate

B. I do not masterbate

C. I have tried masturbating before

8. Do you enjoy porn?

A. I have watched porn in the past

B. I do not enjoy porn 

C. I like watching porn

9. Do you seek out sexual relationships?

A. I am uninterested in having a sexual relationship

B. I look for sexual partners

C. I have looked for a sexual partner

10. Do you have sex even when you aren’t into it?

A. Sometimes I will engage in sex when I do not want to

B. No, when I have sex I am into it and excited

C. Yes, I want to appease my partner but I do not enjoy sex

11. What kind of a superhero are you?

A. Yes, I find sex enjoyable

B. Yes, if it is with the right person

C. No, I do not enjoy having sex

12. Are you in a relationship?

A. Yes, I am in a relationship

B. No, I am not in a relationship

C. No, but I wouldn’t mind being in one

13. Do you get uncomfortable when people talk about sex around you?

A. I do not mind talking about sex

B. Yes, talking about sex makes me very uncomfortable

C. I do not mind when people talk about sex; I just don’t have much to contribute

14. At times, do you become aroused?

A. I usually do not become aroused by things

B. I become aroused often

C. I do not experience arousal

15. Do you enjoy watching sex on television or in movies?

A. I get annoyed or angry when I see sex on TV or in movies

B. I enjoy watching sex and do not mind when it is on TV or in movies

C. I do not mind it, but it can be a bit much

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