Am I a Sapiosexual Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5223
Am I a Sapiosexual Quiz
The term “sapiosexual” is used to define individuals attracted to intelligence. Sapiosexuals are unique because they largely rely on intellectual stimulation to achieve arousal. Anybody can be a sapiosexual, whether male, female, gay, straight or anything in between. Sapiosexuals are invigorated by another person’s knowledge, comprehension, and overall wisdom. Is intelligence your biggest turn-on? Is someone’s brain the sexiest thing to you? Do you ask yourself, “Am I a sapiosexual?”rnTake this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite thing to do on a first date?

A. Have deep, meaningful conversations

B. Drink and party

C. Endlessly flirt with my date

2. Would you be able to handle being in a long-distance relationship?

A. No, I need to see and feel my partner in person

B. Of course, as long as we talk regularly

C. Maybe for a little while but definitely not long term

3. How do you feel when someone uses bad grammar?

A. It irks me to the core

B. I never even notice things like that

C. I don’t usually mind it too much

4. What is the best gift that a romantic partner could give you?

A. An expensive piece of jewelry

B. A great book that we can both read together

C. A thoughtful card

5. Where do you think you would have the most luck meeting a potential partner?

A. At the bar

B. At the beach

C. At the library

6. What would be the biggest sexual turn-on for you?

A. Someone telling me precisely what they want to do to me in the bedroom

B. Someone being super hot and physically attractive

C. Someone who is experienced and knows what they’re doing

7. What is the very first thing you usually notice about another person?

A. Their mind-blowing good looks

B. Their ability to have a conversation

C. Their overall interest in me

8. What kind of activity would you most enjoy doing with a partner?

A. Going to see a scary horror movie

B. Going skiing

C. Sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee

9. Would you ever date someone who you considered not as intelligent as you?

A. Yes, I would

B. No, I would not

C. I am not sure

10. Which term would best describe your “type” of partner?

A. Nerdy

B. Athletic

C. Charismatic

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