Top 15 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding In Dominican Republic

Top 15 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding In Dominican Republic

Who says that you have to save for years or go into debt to have your wedding in the Dominican Republic? Being stressed out by a lot of financial pressure is not what you want and it can put a strain on the relationship. You don’t have to rent a helicopter or invite Bruno Mars to impress your guests, these people love you and they will enjoy time with you regardless of what you offer. It may be counterintuitive, but choosing a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic is a brilliant idea to save some cash. Some personal touches and our tips for saving money on your wedding will make your special day a fairy tale.

1. Invites

Let’s start from the very beginning. Instead of ordering printed save-the-dates and sending them by post, just use some online design tools to make and send them by email. The inclusion of your creativity will overshadow any potential losses by not having hard copies.

 2. Priorities

This is the moment to sit down, talk with your other half and choose the items that you can’t live without on your wedding day. Maybe it is a gorgeous wedding cake, rare flowers or a picturesque reception. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your dream, just prioritize and set out the budget.  

3. Hotel packages

The best way to save money on weddings in the Dominican Republic is to find a hotel which offers good prices and free basic wedding packages which include the minimum necessities. Then you can see how much money is left and add any other touches as your budget permits.    

4. Photography

You can save on things that will serve you just on the day, but cutting on the photography and videos is not recommended. These are the captured memories which will stay with your forever. If the situation is tight, go with either – a professional wedding photographer or high quality videos. Check out Boyko photography for the best price to quality ratio.

5. Beach wedding

A beach wedding implies light appetizers, some sparkling wine and a short, but scenic ceremony overlooking the aquamarine water of the Dominican Republic. No need for decorations or even music because the sea provides it all.  

6. Music

A DJ or a music band is a tough dilemma, but if you do your homework and spend some time making contact with the locals, they can recommend some good Dominican artists that don’t go crazy after hearing the word wedding.

7. Food and drinks

A cocktail-like party with local drinks is a perfect option for a wedding in the hot weather of the Dominican Republic. Also, opting for some Dominican cuisine which doesn’t require expensive imported ingredients is the best way to save money on the wedding and to add an authentic island flair. If you do so, you will still be able to organize an after-wedding brunch to thank your guests for coming.

Top 15 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding In Dominican Republic

8. Do it yourself

Small details like favors, bride`s bouquet or boutonnieres can eat into the wedding budget. Do it yourself or involve your guests in the process which will end up being fun and budget-friendly.  

9. Dress

Buying a very expensive wedding dress perhaps is just an impulse. If you can’t accept anything less than a designer gown, rent it. Otherwise, choose a simple and elegant one. Any white piece of fabric will look fantastic under the shining, tropical sun and be contrasting with the turquoise sea.    

10. Make-up and hairstyle

If you can’t do it yourself even after watching hundreds of tutorials on Youtube there should be someone from the wedding party who is able to help you with this.

11. Honeymoon

Let your wedding flow smoothly into a honeymoon giving you the opportunity to save on the additional tickets and organizational headaches.

12. Be flexible

Avoid the most popular wedding days like Saturdays and you may find a great offer.

13. Ditch the wedding planner

Choose from many online wedding planning tools and ask your photographer to provide you with some details about possible vendors. With a naturally reduced amount of guests and the hotel`s services, you will able to plan out everything by yourself.

14. Hunt for deals

It will be better if you plan in advance and sign up for some airline alerts and seasonal deals.

15. Jewelry

You can borrow a nice necklace from friends or family or repurpose some of the gold pieces you have or even rely on natural flowers to enhance your look.

Organizing a wedding on a budget is all about compromises and careful planning ,so, with only some small adjustments you can be sure to have the wedding of your dreams!

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