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  • Make your Woman Feel Special on Women's Day

    5 Heartfelt Gestures to Make your Woman Feel Special on Women’s Day

    Make your Woman Feel Special on Women's Day

    Women are silent caregivers. This is not to say that they are solely responsible for assuming household chores, and child-raising responsibilities. They are caregivers because they are intrinsically sensitive and compassionate. Though this might be a sweeping generalization, most women, even those who work outside their homes, take more interest in keeping the household in good shape than men do.

    However, this doesn’t imply that men try to shirk their share of chores and parenting responsibilities. They simply need a gentle nudge. They need occasional reminders to take out the garbage, feed the cat, get the kids from school and pick up the clothes from the dry cleaners. This is where the woman of the house steps up and takes charge. She ensures that everything remains in place, she ensures you don’t run out of milk, she ensures the kids do their homework, she ensures the plumber fixes the clogged kitchen sink, and much more.

    Women walk the extra mile to ensure the best of everything for the people they love. They deserve a special day dedicated to commemorating their efforts and initiatives. This Women’s Day, show your lady love what she means to you. 

    Here are some heartfelt gestures to make your woman feel special on Women’s day-

    1. Write a letter or a poem

    Certified group psychotherapist and family life educator SaraKay Smullens says, “write your woman a letter or perhaps a poem  (in ink, one you write yourself) delineating all you really do see your woman does to make your life meaningful, workable, special. Present it to her with one exquisite flower that you select yourself. If there are children, let them see you present your gift — it will be a wonderful lesson in appreciation and love.”

    Verbal expressions of admiration and appreciation are awesome but putting in writing is a special way to communicate how you feel. “It’s something that she’ll be able to keep and re-read as many times as she wants”, says professional counselor, KerriAnne Brown.

    Along with making her feel special, you can make use of this opportunity to appreciate her for all the things she does for you. In the letter or poem that you write for her, explicitly mention the things that you are grateful to her for, that really makes a difference. Professional counselor Dr. LaWanda N Evans says, “an ‘I appreciate you’ written note, says I see you, I acknowledge you, I value you, and I appreciate you for all you do. “

    2. Plan a special day for her

    Planning a special day for her is also a nice surprise, says relationship expert SaraKay. Tell Your wife or girlfriend to pick a weekend when from Friday evening to Sunday night, a time when you make every effort to fulfill her little whims and wishes.  All she needs to do is focus on things that please her, and you will do your best to make her dreams come true. This should include time for herself, a precious commodity.

    Plan a special day for her

    3. Give her a day off

    Juggling chores and a full-time job can be nerve-wracking. A day off from at least one of the responsibilities can be a big sigh of relief for her. This Women’s day, take over all the chores and let her put her feet up and relax. Ladies, who are homemakers and stay at home moms, also need a day to pamper themselves. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to make that wish true.

    4. Take her shopping

    Nothing can lift a woman’s mood like shopping. Like food is the way to a man’s heart, shopping is the way to a woman’s heart. This is not to say women only desire materialistic pleasures, but occasional indulgence is always welcome. You don’t have to cough up an exorbitant amount of money for that, a little thoughtful gift could make her day. Not just that, occasional shopping expedition also has a spillover effect on women. Double whammy for you! She will remain in a happy and blissful mood for the next few days after the shopping venture.

    5. Nail it with a date night

    Plan a candlelight dinner for your wife or girlfriend, this the perfect way to end the day. Cook, or order something of her choice. Change up the decor and the lighting to make the ambiance somewhat romantic. A date will give you the chance to reconnect and build the quotient of intimacy in your relationship. Marriage and family therapist Mary Kay Cocharo says, “pull her close, look into her eyes and invite her to tell you what’s important to her. As she speaks, listen deeply with full presence. Reflect back what you’re hearing and invite her to tell you more. Stay with her eyes and let your face be relaxed and curious. A woman loves to know that you are truly listening, validating her ideas and feeling empathy for her.”

    Nail it with a date night

    This Woman’s day, make her feel valued and appreciated. Acknowledge her contributions and make her feel empowered. Little heartfelt gestures can make her day, and it can also make a world of a difference to your relationship.

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