Multiple Relationships- Is it Really That Bad?

Multiple Relationships- Is it Really That Bad

The thrill, passion, excitement and nervousness of being in a relationship with more than a single person at a time is a taboo yet fascinating (under the sheets) concept for most. While the world is gung-ho about fidelity and faithfulness, but what do you do when your primary relationship is at the verge of breaking down?

Is there a possible way to salvage your relationship yet find your happiness?

Presumably, it is from here that partners resorted to entering into relationships with others to find their peace yet be with the original partner just to retain your once happy and dreamy relationship. One has to understand that like most things in life, nothing is constant and things fizzle out over time. And if you really want to hold onto those once happy moments, it is not a bad idea to find your contentment elsewhere. Who knows, this exploring may give you the perspective to value what is about to be lost!

But wait, people don’t stop at this. It is like tequila shots, who stops at one! People end up hopping from the arms of one lover to another and all the previous reasoning goes downhill. Come to think about it, one lifetime-endless desires-unfulfilled dreams, who wants to miss out on some fun to balance the vagaries of life. If you are one of this kind, you will truly resonate with the sentiment here. Just like mother nature’s beauty is boundless, attraction can’t be limited too. Whatever your parameters for attraction are- beauty, intelligence, compassion, wealth, it’s hard to not find at least one of these in a person around you. And what wrong in some harmless flirting, a one-off one night stand, a cozy lunch or dinner date. It is upto the individual to let his/her partner know of the other relationships to avoid any untoward situation in future. If you are lucky enough, your partner may take to it positively and go with the flow to find his/her share of happiness elsewhere too.

You can find happiness with more than one partner

Life could be a party if all you partners could be together for little party or even group sex. Eventually, all this freedom could help you find that one special person who is tailormade to your desires and aspirations. But hey, you don’t want to end-up like Charlie Sheen so use some protection always during these frivolous times! To give you refreshing insight, even history is testimony to the concept of having multiple relationships at a given time, mostly polyamorous. Monogamy is a relatively new concept. If you really don’t hurt someone really bad and also find some happiness in testing times, it is really not a bad idea to enter into multiple healthy relationships. Cheers to life!

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